Corporations Who Fired Workers For Being Unvaccinated Are Now Pleading With Them To Come Back To Save Their Businesses – IOTW Report

Corporations Who Fired Workers For Being Unvaccinated Are Now Pleading With Them To Come Back To Save Their Businesses

DJHJ: Like the Defund the Police movement that caused more problems than it fixed, corporate executives made rash decisions to fire unvaccinated workers so that they could show the world that they were woke in order to please what probably amounts to a thousand leftists on Twitter and other social media platforms. The more President Joe Biden and his unscientific administration’s health officials pushed for employers to mandate vaccinations for their employees of businesses with over 100 workers, it became a growing trend. And don’t forget that when the trend started, the vaccines were all experimental as none of the available vaccines were approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Now, many of those corporations realize that they fired masses of people that they actually need to run their businesses. They are learning that they placed all their marbles with the wrong team because, as it turns out, Team Biden has been failing at everything since the beginning and their handling of COVID-19 has been abysmal with complicated messaging and an authoritarianism that is very unamerican over an agenda that has less to do with making sure people don’t get sick than controlling people.

What made things worse for fired unvaccinated people is that they found out they were not allowed to collect unemployment benefits that they paid for. more

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  1. When Hell freezes over!! Eat $hit and die for firing me in the first place. If you didn’t have the balls to stand up to the government on my behalf, I will not help you out in the future. See how I roll?

  2. HR: the new growth industry.
    I made the mistake of hiring a horrible employee a few years ago. We tried and tried to make it work, she had a really positive attitude, for a while… and then started accusing me and others of being racist, in writing. She only worked there 3 months, her position was being terminated anyway, and we gave her a BIG settlement to just go away. Kept HR busy for a while.
    I would have filed suit the moment my employer fired me for not getting the jab. I’d be happy to settle – but it would be painful for my employer, for what they did to me.

  3. OT, if you were wondering if there us still a God, there’s proof today, Betty White died.

    She was 99, and a bitter, nasty liberal cunt for 98 of those years, give or take.

    The world improves just a tiny little bit at her demise, and hell gets that much more hellish with her arrival.

    Sorry, FDR.

    …in other news, scientists are scrambling for a new theory on who Keith Richards is going to repopulate the earth with after the Apocalypse, since it won’t be her as expected…

  4. “Corporations Who Fired Workers For Being Unvaccinated Are Now Pleading With Them To Come Back To Save Their Businesses”

    A textbook scenario for a hefty increase in pay – that old supply and demand thing, don’t ya know.

  5. Forty years ago was the last time I worked for a corporation.

    Since then, my motto has been: If it has a HR department, I don’t want to be there I don’t care how much they pay.

  6. Sure boss.
    I’d like all the lost wages.
    In cash.
    Yes cash.
    A raise,
    And I get to PISS on your Desk!
    ON the desk.
    I’ll be in Monday.
    Wear a Raincoat Boss.

  7. Even if some of these workers come back, the damage has been done and for the duration of their employment, they will have their eyes (and resumes) out for another position.

    If you own a business and you believe the government knows best on how to run it, you are an idiot. Look at politicians and bureaucrats; most of them have never had a real job. By all means, rely on Bernie Sanders, AOC or any member of the “squad,” Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, etc. etc. for guidance on how to run your business – if you want to fail. These folks never had gainful employment and could care less.

  8. ^^ But they’re amazingly good at insider trading, and in their minds, they probably think it makes them good ‘capitalists’ as they denigrate and destroy real capitalism in America.

  9. Like one nurse said it would be like returning to an abusive relationship. As for the corporations anyone that takes advice from that washingtoon crew deserves what they get. FJB FKH LGB.

  10. Last I checked, it still isn’t 2023, so none of the experimental gene the-rapy “vaccines” have completed phase-3 trials — and they cannot finish because the control groups were vaccinated as soon as the emergency use authorization was granted. Saying that RONA vaccines available in the U.S. have been authorized is repeating the propaganda per Bill Gates wishes.

  11. If you fire EVERY executive that sought to require an experimental injection for all ‘valuable’ employees.

  12. Jellybean, unfortunately, there seems to be relatively few people that learn from their mistakes, or remember long enough for it to do any good.


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