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Corrected national polling data shows Trump in the lead

AT: The Guardian and SurveyUSA have released a new poll on the general election matchup among Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein.  The polling results claim that Trump trails Clinton by 3 percentage points, 39% to 36%, with Johnson at 6% and Stein at 4%.

Then we look at the demographic composition of the poll, and we find a massive liberal bias.

A full one third (33%) of respondents were Democrats, which is a 7% bias over the number of Republicans surveyed (26%), even though we know that on a national scale, the percentage of Democrats and Republicans is about equal.

Better yet in terms of showing gross bias, 53% of those surveyed apparently voted for Barack Obama in 2012, and just 30% voted for Mitt Romney.  This polling ratio of 2012 Obama:Romney voters is absurdly biased toward liberal voting preferences, given how the actual 2012 election results saw just a 51.1%-to-47.2% split in favor of Obama.  MORE

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  1. be ready for the party

    he is bringing in lgbts, hispanics, angry blacks, etc

    grab a rifle and get aboard, we welcome all comers

  2. I’m sorry, but I just gotta say that man acts like a happy man. No axes to grind, no chips on his shoulder, no baggage we need to be embarrassed over. Doesn’t smoke, drink or take drugs — never has. Smart, beautiful wife. Smart, lovely kids. Plays to win. Doesn’t mince words.

    Okay, I’ve TD’d myself.

  3. : — Well, the apology was for at least two regulars who I know threw up in their mouths a little. 🙂

  4. Everyone knows that all polls are conducted in big-ass blue cities and campuses. So PPP,etc. shut the fuck up already. We hate your fucking liberal guts.

  5. There is aright-wing site that I won’t name, but they are a bit disturbing.
    They write headlines like “Hillary beating Trump by 9 Points!!!!”

    WTF are the exclamation points for?

    This is a right-wing site gleeful that Hillary is beating Trump.

    This is not derangement?

  6. You do realize that Trump could win over 60% of the vote and the DNC and GOP leaders will manipulate the election results to hand the Presidency to Clinton. There will be no other outcome than that. These people in DC are criminals of the first order. And they don’t give a shit what any of us think as long as we’re not burning their homes down.

  7. Anybody hear Ben Steins endorsement for Trump today? Trump should tell him to shove it up his ass. Sounds LIKE Ben might be a bit jealous.

  8. Bloombergs poll out today is even worse. Hillary 49, Trump 37.
    Dems 33%, Reps, 25%, Indies 37%.

    I have to question polls that have 68% of the country saying we’re on the wrong track, yet Obama has a 53% approval rating? WTF.

    Who are they asking, the MSM and their families?

  9. I’m surprised, BadBrad, for all his #nevertrump-ery I never thought he would. Yah, and Trump should say something. Something like “even those who hate me are coming around”

  10. People need to stop TDing every comment Menderman makes. He’s earned his stripes here and even though I don’t agree with his #NeverTrump bull shit he’s earned his respect here. Just sayen.
    The same way people need to stop TDing AA and others just because they have grown to hate that person. Grow the fuck up.

  11. Brad

    Thanks, but I ended my #NeverTrump after Indiana (except for one minor slip up). First and foremost I am #NeverHiliary. I may not vote for either, but I will eve vote for Hiliary.

    Let them thumb me…I care none.

  12. eve? I hate the freeze up here…It’s Moe Tom’s fault! I have to wait to se if every letter I typed shows up! Next thing ya know I’ll get that dang “posting tooooo fast” thingy…


    and yeah..Tom, I get it too.

  13. Menderman, No thanks necessary. I can’t handle chicken shit. If some ones got a problem with you, AA, me, man the fuck up and post your disagreement in a logical manner. Otherwise, continue to lead your miserable life as a coward.

  14. Trump is ALWAYS > Than Hellery

    Get that through your thick skulls

    Hellery = BAD

    No matter how you slice it!

  15. May as well vote Hellery menderman, you got me to vote Mitt 2 cycles in a row.

    WTF is wrong with you?

    WHO is the better candidate?

  16. No fucking way Hillary could have as many votes as Trump.

    I honestly don’t want to live in a country that would elect somebody like the criminal bitch Hillary to the position of president; it can only get worse after that.

    But that doesn’t mean I’m going to whine about moving to some other country. I’ll just get me a couple pack mules and make my own trail into the wilderness and look for a cave to live in until everybody else is dead because of the Clinton policies, if they force that evil satanic bitch on us like they did with BH0.

  17. If you can do it you need to volunteer to be a poll monitor as soon as possible. The dems must cheat this election more than ever before. If we give them the slightest opening, Trump will lose no matter how many votes he gets.

  18. @LocoBlancoSaltine: Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for President. I actually like a lot of the Libertarian philosphy, but they have no chance at the national level and the ship has sailed on a lot of what they propose. Besides, Johnson pledged to not smoke weed in the White House, so there’s one promise I think a candidate can keep.

  19. Wife (D): Did you hear what Trump said now??!!

    Me (R): Did you know Hillary is still under FBI investigation?

  20. Our local news in the Denver area reported today Trump is 12 points down in the latest Bloomberg poll due to his stance on banning Muslim immigration.

    49% to 37%


  21. @ Anon – Sure, according to Muslim terrorists preferences. But they left that part out of the report. They fell asleep from all that weed before they finished writing it.

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