Corrupt Ukrainian Officials Called Biden “American Gangster”

CD Media

They Nicknamed Him ‘American Gangster’…How Joe Biden Reportedly Oversaw The Laundering Of $4 Billion Of American Aid To Ukraine – CD Media

“We nicknamed him American Gangster, declared a Ukrainian source to CDMedia. “He was so open, arrogant and pushy about the corruption and theft”.

Consider this all happened under the administration of Barack Obama. Joe Biden was his point man to Ukraine, distributing billions in dollars in aid. It happened under the watch of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In fact, the Poroshenko presidency was the baby of the Obama administration, and probably gave Russian President Putin an excuse to annex the Crimean Peninsula, and the Donbass region of East Ukraine after the Maidan revolution, all coordinated by the Clinton State Department. More

8 Comments on Corrupt Ukrainian Officials Called Biden “American Gangster”

  1. So, the gangster got away with it and when our President mentioned the gangster thug corruption in a phone call, it resulted in impeachment.

  2. That’s why they hate Trump so much, he’s been drying up all the millions of back channel money they send as foreign aid then funnel back to themselves.
    The more that gets exposed the more pissed off you get.

  3. And, it’s very easy to Visualize Joe in the role of Arrogant Braggart Gangster.

    Hell, He’s been Typecast.

  4. From the link: ” If Trump is re-elected, there will be criminal consequences.”

    I don’t believe this for one short second.


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