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Cortez is so stupid she’s making me angry now – It’s no longer funny

I trust our readers so much that I do not need to editorialize this clip.

Ostupido is no longer ditzy and funny, our little court jester.

That has run its course. She is an abject moron and this stupid bint should not be in charge of filling the ice machine back her old bar, let alone being a representative in congress.


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  1. Honestly, I stopped being amused by her before she was even sworn in. There’s stupid-funny and there’s stupid-dangerous. She graduated to stupid-dangerous when she started unleashing her flying monkeys on everyone who made the mildest criticism of her on Twitter. She knows full well that her followers will rabidly attack her “opponents” but she does it anyway. She gins up hatred with a song in her heart. That is fucking deranged.

    Really, there is absolutely no daylight between what Jussie Smollett did and what AOC does on a daily basis.

    She’s not stupid; she’s a sociopath.

  2. She has no respect for US citizenship or US sovereignty.

    Her family came here for the free shit and she thinks everyone else should too.

    And this oyster-for-brains is a US Congresscriminal???? She shouldst be PEACHED!

  3. Good thing ancient civilizations didn’t build walls. Too much time when they could be talking to the hoard seeking to take their lives, land, and liberty by any means necessary. Let’s have a conversation! But first, here’s your money for playing to the tune of the UniParty.

  4. Agreed. I stopped laughing at her two weeks ago. As my dad says, “She has just enough brains to be dangerous.” The Dems are just now figuring that out.

    And that voice…good lord in heaven.

  5. Remember what Hitler had done to Ernst Rohm, and why.

    Don’t worry. You won’t be hearing from her very much longer. The swamp will make her an offer she can’t refuse. “Sit down, shut up, vote like we tell you, or else.”

  6. An open letter to the people who actually voted for her:

    Dear NY Voters:
    You are too stupid to vote. Please don’t ever do it again.

    Thank you

  7. 100 IOTW bucks says she thinks the Berlin wall was built by capitalists to keep their workers from fleeing to the workers paradise.
    And yes she is dangerous.

  8. She’s going to get the Seth Rich treatment if she doesn’t learn to keep her yap shut.

    Paraphrased from Three Days of the Condor;

    Joubert speaking to Turner: It will happen this way. She may be walking. Maybe the first sunny day of the spring. And a car will slow beside her, and a door will open, and someone she knows, maybe even trusts, will get out of the car. And he will smile, a becoming smile. But he will leave open the door of the car and offer to give her a lift.

  9. Imagine how Joe Crowley (D-NY) must be feeling every time he sees clips like this (and you just know trolls load his Twitter and Facebook accounts with this stuff constantly).

    Every democrat who prompted this person need to be laughed at and mocked. Every media outlet that has given her airtime without pushing back against her stupidity and arrogance needs to be reminded continually of what they have promoted and unleashed on the democrat party. OAC and Omar are the future of the democrat party, if it can survive them.

  10. All of the dumb blonde comments are really mean guys.
    TRUE and NATURAL blondes are not stupid. It’s the lame, bleached and dyed ones that have that problem.
    Which means Brunettes are the real idiots. Let’s be honest here.
    [Signed someone with a very smart and NATURAL blonde mom.]

  11. Re: Cortez is so stupid she’s making me angry now

    Be careful about the “angry” emotion. Don’t be angry. There are those who make the claim that angry disqualifies one from exercising the right enshrined by a constitutional amendment.

  12. Probably sucked as a bartender, which was reflected in her tips. Low tips were no
    reflection on her skills, attentiveness to customers or demeanor. No. Capitalism sucks.

    Well of course capitalism sucks if you suck at capitalism.

    A female bartender who is attentive and pleasant, preferably a little flirty, gets 20% or more from me.
    And a longer stay upping the check total even further.

  13. Life is too short, to be dismayed by Five Alarm %#(&nuts. Just keep pointing out the STOOPID, make fun of their 4 functioning brain cells, and smile while you do it. 😀

  14. Is she weren’t from New York state, I’d say she might be the Anti-Christ. She’s just that deceivingly evil.

    However, with the Moslems in Congress, she’s Junior Varsity.

  15. They’ll get her straightened out in a little time. It took them ages just to get her to stop picking her nose.

  16. No worries. Once she threatens their
    power one too many times she will
    get carefully Clinton’d.
    The coroner will confirm suicide
    and the MSM will cover it (up).

  17. She will push the crazy Libtards even further towards the left. Which at this point in time seems to be pure Socialism. Plus, she obnoxious. I’d say she’s an asset for Conservatives.

  18. As soon as she gets those horse teeth filed down, she’s going to implement her new amnesty program, “Beaners for Beaners.”

  19. The cult of personality that is forming behind her I’d say she is rapidly become more dangerous to the Republic than Huey Long or even Barack. No Term limits in the House. She is fast on her way to be needing a Berlin Wall Model for N.Y. because if she keeps up the success she is touting regarding Amazon that is the only way N.Y. is going to keep a tax paying base.

  20. I can’t this interview out of my head…

    AOC: My pussy tastes like a rainbow.

    Ann: Skittles?

    AOC’s BF: Trout.

  21. If we want to use wall analogies, the current proposed wall is actually like the Great Wall of China; it is designed to deter invaders from coming in.


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