Cortez Supports Group Trying To Purge Moderate Democrats

Useful Idiot Cortez lent her oversized stamp of approval to progressive group, Justice Democrats last weekend. In a Facebook Live message, the freshman democrat encouraged others to challenge incumbent democrats in their own districts. The group that had helped launched the socialist gadfly into politics hopes to replicate her success against a number of moderate democrats in 2020. More

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  1. What’s the over and under for seeing AOC’s naked pictures?…you know they are out there….Is it like Barry’s records?.
    I think we got some nudies coming…she is far to narcissistic….and has nice breastesssses…as a younger dumbass…

  2. TO JDHasty and BobM
    Don’t be so confident; the Left has a way (with willing and LOUD media handmaidens) with its emotional-but-deceptive salespitch. REF.: Obama.

    You could be laughing your way to the breadline by 2028/32, unless Americans “wake up” (and I get more and more skeptical every day).

  3. She’s going to show her ass one time too many and the embedded Dems are going to chop her off at the ankles.

  4. “Everyone laughed at Hitler too. This bitch should be taken seriously.”

    Paperhanger Hitler.
    Pastry Chef Ho Chi Minh.
    Failed Seminarian Stalin.
    Failed Farmer Mao Tse Dung.
    Crappy Lawyer Lenin.
    Crappy Lawyer Mandela.

    They should ALL be taken seriously – taken to the dumpster – seriously.

    It’s always the protuberance you don’t see on which you strike your head.

    izlamo delenda est …


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