Cory Booker And Kamala Harris Have An Idiot Contest, Play To A Draw

Def-Con News: Spartacus vs. Cleopatra Jones would have been an awesome blaxploitation film and we got all the proof of that from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday. Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris engaged in a contest to see who was the bigger idiot as they questioned a D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals nominee. Both democrats, who are running for president, tried to trip up nominee Naomi Rao and fell flat on their faces. That fact that this nominee is trying to replace Brett Kavanaugh on the court makes it even more hilarious.

Neomi Rao is up for Kavanaugh’s old spot on the DC court and since the democrats tried so hard to destroy Kavanaugh’s reputation, they thought they’d go after Rao’s as well by painting her as a an anti-LGBT/pro-rape extremist.

Kamala Harris tried real hard by bringing up something Rao wrote while she was in college in which she said that mothers should teach their daughters not to get shitfaced drunk as a way to avoid date rape.

“What steps do you have in mind that women can take to avoid being victims of sexual assault?” Harris asked.

“It’s just sort of a commonsense idea about, for instance, excessive drinking. That was advice given to me by my mother” replied Rao.

“That’s one step you believe women should take to avoid becoming a victim of sexual assault,” interrupted Harris.

At this point it is clear that Harris is trying to make Rao seem like she blames the victims of sexual assault, but Rao put an end to that nonsense quickly.

“it is just a way to make it less likely. It’s not to blame the victim. Rape and sexual assault are horrible crimes, but what can you do to keep yourself safe,” replied Rao.

Harris kept pressing, so Rao schooled her again. Harris asked if women don’t avoid heavy drinking are they responsible for getting raped and Rao replied very simply “no.”

“So what is the significance of taking those steps,” Harris asked.

“It’s the significance of trying to avoid becoming a victim of any crime. We take different steps to try to protect ourselves from horrible crimes, such as rape, and what we want is for women to not be victims,” said Rao.

To be clear, Kamala Harris doesn’t understand why women shouldn’t get drunk and pass out around men they barely know and thinks anyone who advocates for women’s safety is actually pro-rape.  more

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  1. Get drunk and walk out into a crosswalk and get hit by a car. The driver is guilty of a crime. But it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t drunk.

  2. That moment when it dawns on you that not all women with Indian heritage (not you Liz, the other Indians) are hoes trying to sleep their way to success.

  3. ‘dawns on you that not all women’ ‘are hoes trying to sleep their way to success’.
    What a bright future you have!
    Please don’t take this the wrong way, however if you get Lorena Bobbitt’ed along the way,,She was from Ecuador.
    Just f’ing with you,,, HAHA

  4. ‘assuming the T stood for T-bone’
    Nope, it was for Tina, ’caused Ike to lose mind’,,,
    Tina Turner that is,,,
    Yet share the hate on Cory
    Understand the name association thing, but Booker G is iconic.
    Cory B is an irreverent anal orifice.

  5. “I used to think there was hope for Booker.”
    Bad Brad what the fuck were you smoking? Stop it!
    The guy is an absolute fake.
    He once told the students at Rutgers U. in New Jersey, that he drove his first car from New Jersey to Hawaii. The students cheered. Except the professor told him , and the idiot students, that it was impossible
    He relented. What kind of hope did you have for the idiot?
    When are you left coast guys going to give up “having hope” for these morons?

  6. Moe tom

    Booker once said when he was mayor, “I have no problem with legal gun owners. They are not the problem”.
    He was beaten severely about the head and neck with Obama’s favorite 18 inch white dildo after that. How Kinky.
    There were other signs of encouragement. That’s why he resorts to the pathological angry black guy. He really doesn’t believe what the fuck he’s sayen. Too stupid to make a believable lier.

  7. I wish I could be on a committee some day so I could ask Booker just how many LGBTQs he’s ever employed and how many of his closest friends are of those persuasions.

    (I’m going to be using AA for a while because I jammed my finger and have to buddy splint it for a while. It makes typing very difficult.)

  8. The ignorance of Kalamity Harris and Spartacus Booker is a thing of beauty to behold. It was very enjoyable watching the two of them stumbling over one another, exposing their extreme ambitions and lack of respect for the average legal citizens’ common sense. Just think how often we are going to enjoy the spectacle of these two Leftist Lunatics fighting for first place in a race to the bottom of the pile.

  9. When both of these fools got elected to the Senate they moved the average intelligence quotient of that body down about 50 points and that with a group already known to be stupid!

  10. “Drop your pants and bend over the table:
    Somebody’s gonna fuck ya!”

    “Don’t get drunk at the bar bragging about the $300,000 (cash) you have in your briefcase.”

    It was an admonition to NOT put yourself into potentially dangerous situations.
    Used to be common sense. Now it’s offensive, or something?

    Guess common sense ain’t as common as it used to be.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Rao to Booker’s question of has she ever employed an LGBTQ law clerk, “First, Senator, discrimination is illegal, so I don’t bother to try to find out if anyone who works for me is LGBTQ. Secondly, the sexual preferences of those who work for me are really none of my business.”

  12. My money is on Commie Kamala no matter how much Dumbassacus denies his gender. He will come out as Tranny by the end of this campaign I promise you…

    They are already shafting Fauxahontas, no whites need apply this go round. This is the real reason Howard the Duck is running as an independent.


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