Cory Booker: Bangin’ it out to the cheap seats

Patriot Retort: I kinda feel sorry for Cory Booker.

Now, don’t get me wrong. His behavior in the DHS Senate hearing yesterday was probably the most cringeworthy performance ever seen outside of a Mexican telenovela audition.

Compared to Cory Booker, William Shatner’s performance in “The Wrath of Khan” was downright understated.

But I do feel sorry for Cory Booker.

This former mayor of that sh*thole Newark whose five years in the Senate have been startlingly unremarkable believes that he is Presidential material.

And unfortunately for Cory Booker, the Democrats are going all-in on this stupid “The Future is Female.”

What’s a guy who loves strippers to do in a situation like that?

With all the focus on estrogen, what better way to get noticed than to stage a PMS-like meltdown on camera?

Think of it as Cory Booker’s “LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!!!” to Democrat voters.

I watched the video of hysterical Cory and I’m sorry. But I laughed out loud.

It was so over-the-top I couldn’t take it seriously.


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  1. “And what was this?”

    I took it as an unhinged hand gesture avenging the loss of Al Franken his collegue and bathhouse buddy.

  2. Why in that video he literally looks like hitler. Doesn’t that mean he now has to resign? (and yes I did mean “literally” – this is one time where the phrase is truly acurate.)

  3. “But I do feel sorry for Cory Booker.”

    Not me, I don’t feel sorry for Gory Booger, I find him to be a pathetic piece of shit. He can stop any time with the drama, it’s nauseating to watch him make an ass out of himself.

  4. New Jersey continues to beclown themselves. A state that forbids it’s citizens to pump their own gas is a place that is corrupted beyond repair. But the morons of NJ may actually need refueling specialists considering that they are too stupid to even vote. Have you seen their new governor FFS? As a Virginian I don’t have much room to talk, but…..

  5. Ah Old Cory Booker just misses old T-Bone. The buddy he invented years ago while Mayor of Newark. You see Cory impressed the shit out of people by telling them that he befriended a druggie who once tried to kill him, but they ,bye n’ bye, became great friends. His name was T-Bone. Trouble is, it was a lie. Cory is a liar and a bullshit artist.
    Then, as a Senator from New Jersey, giving a speech one evening (C-Span 2) He told his audience that when he turned 17, he bought his first car and drove from New Jersey to Hawaii. I rest my case.

  6. Where was the chairman of that committee? He should have had his microphone cut off and been escorted to the rubber room.

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