Cosby Charged For Sexual Assault

This is the first criminal charge Bill Cosby has faced and comes just days before the statute of limitations from a 2003 incident.



Arrest warrant issued

10 Comments on Cosby Charged For Sexual Assault

  1. Demanded only blacks work on their Gulfstreams, they just didn’t understand FAA requirements Trump their racist wishes.
    Don’t get me started on Camille’s interior design demands, the weight/lift ratio of an aircraft is beyond her intelligence.

  2. Let’s face it, when you are trying to make it in “The Business”, it would be career suicide to say anything. Nobody would have believed them.
    Mr. Puddin’ a rapist?! Next you will be saying Bill Clitoon is one too.
    I suppose Bill Nye is full of global warming as well.

  3. Leave the plantation, go to jail.
    As if Cosby was the only star to get ‘treatment’, and the women weren’t willing participants.
    Watch Hillary use this as a fundraising plea.
    And millions of LoFo’s will send her money and votes.

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