Cosby Gets A Mistrial

Declaring today that the jury was hopelessly deadlocked in the Cosby sexual assault case, the well-known comedian and TV star, Bill Cosby, received a mistrial today. Prosecutors have declared their intention to retry him while the judge still has to decide if Cosby will again face trial.


Update: After Camille Cosby’s post trial statement about the judge, prosecution and the press, I wouldn’t be surprised if they took another run at her husband. Here

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  1. I gather the jury was made up of 2 blacks and 8 (or 10) whites. According to members of the jury both blacks voted to convict and two of the whites members were the hold-outs voting to acquit.
    If this complaintant was the one that stayed in Cosbys’ room after his intentions were made known then took a pill along with wine to relax her I’m not surprised he got a not guilty from the majority. I would wonder what the two whites were thinking.

  2. Ready? I mean, really ready? OK, here it comes. The evidence wouldn’t stand up in court. See ya! Be back sometime before the ‘second coming.’

  3. Cosby (and possibly wife as well) is some kind of dirtbag but the accuser’s phone records post-alleged rape are what sunk the case.

  4. My wife is “intuitively certain” he’s guilty.

    No one, be they ever so innocent, can defend themselves from charges from decades ago.

    He was Famous, Rich, Connected and Good Looking. He had to be surrounded by eager willing groupies. Rape rookie, or consensual foreplay happy pill?

    With Gloria Allred involved, it’s all about the gold digging. She and her clients will say anything for cash, and they need a conviction first to ensure a giant civil payday.

  5. What the verdict may be is secondary, his name and reputation are in the outhouse for good. No amount of money will change that. The damage is done.


    If you have been sexually assaulted, raped, and what-not, can you do us all a favor and REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY regardless of your power status and that of the defendant?

    Can you please stop WAITING A DECADE to decide to file charges?

    It’s not that we don’t believe you, we WANT to believe you, it’s just that if you didn’t take it seriously, you can expect a jury not to either.

  7. There is an element of the drug culture permissive values at play here that Cosby took advantage of. His celebrity status gave him access to women, the drugs he gave them allowed him to commit sexual assault.

    Now we’re stuck having to figure out whether to hold a person responsible for acting like a scum bag with drugs when everyone else of the era also abused them.

  8. Guilty. Sixty women have come forward with the same sordid story. There are probably another twenty or thirty who don’t want to come forward and ruin their present relationships. This is America’s Doctor Huxtable. America’s first black television star. The fact that he enjoyed sex with comotose women shouldn’t detract from that if you have a really open, twisted mind! His wife has proven herself worthy of her disgusting husband.

  9. I find it interesting that the same people who rushed to Polanski’s defense when he was CONVICTED of the same thing with a MINOR, are strangely absent from the gallery judging Mr. Cosby.
    After the campus rape crap, I take a long look at rape accusations.
    If you’re raped, get examined before the shower or STFU.
    Rape is a police matter, have them handle it, not Gloria Allred.
    Women have publicly shown they are as capable of vile a behaviour as men, ain’t equality great?

  10. Sixty accusers?
    How many accusers were there during the 80’s child care hysteria?
    How many grandmother’s lives ruined by false allegations of Satan Parties?

  11. @Super Patriot June 17, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    > If you have been sexually assaulted, raped, and what-not, can you do us all a favor and REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY

    If he’s convicted, immediately, he either becomes a tax expense or a government slave… I mena “profit center”. If I wait until he’s rich, he might be MY profit center…. civil, not criminal. If he’s never worth shaking down, it doesn’t cost me a thing. If he’s convicted, the dog eats my lottery ticket.

  12. “…having sex with comatose women…” There are a bunch of late middle-aged guys in unhappy marriages that can relate to that comment.

  13. Having sat jury duty, and been a jury foreman? I’D BE PISSED
    if I’d have to sit that case.
    My bet is a week jury foreman and a couple of people that were
    nullifiers for a reason.


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