Cosby Tries “Systemic Racism” As His Get Out Of Jail Free Card


In a nearly empty Philadelphia courtroom in June 2015, a lawyer for Bill Cosby implored a federal judge to keep the comedian’s testimony in an old sexual battery lawsuit under wraps. It was sensitive. Embarrassing. Private.

U.S. District Judge Eduardo Robreno had another word for it.  More

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  1. What’s a cubit , Bill?….well, 3X5 cubit’s is where you enjoy your cubit…..I don’t know?…he’s like 80. Let him out so he might be able to freshen Oprah and Beyonce…..maybe even Barry if prison life might have turned him…..

  2. What an asshole that guy has turned out to be. No one who wasn’t alive in the ‘60s knows just how very popular he was as a stand up comedian. His comedy records back then were bought and enjoyed by everyone. As children we all knew many of his stories about childhood by heart.

    What an asshole he’s turned out to be.

  3. You’re Bill fucking Cosby, one of the wealthiest and most famous comedians ever. There are women just lining up for men like you. And even if they aren’t, you couldn’t just PAY for pussy? You gotta drug ’em instead? Idiot.

  4. I don’t know which side I’m on. Yes, he is a piece of shit; however, these women KNEW when they went to his hotel room that they weren’t there to watch TV. He had something they wanted…fame. They had their careers and now are washed up wrinkley, old hags, trying for another 15 minutes of fame. Not sure who screwed who.

    I DO think he would be an awesome lookout for BLM, as he can see two different ways at the same time. (But…Jack Elam wins the crazy eyes contest every stinkin’ time! Great actor!)

  5. For the record. Only the criminal has a say in the racial make-up of a crime. His wife claiming a history of White women falsely accusing Black men as an excuse. He decided the victims and thus the race of his victims. He could have chose only Black women if he wanted.

    I always thought it was ironic that in the film Mother, Juggs and Speed there is a scene where an ambulance attendant is assualting an overdosed coed. I wonder what he thought when he read that script.

  6. Justice for this scumbag would be seeing him carried from his cell, trembling and sobbing uncontrollably after having been drugged and raped in his cell.

  7. Sorry Bill, you are just a token victim of the wrath of the feminazi movement and women who traded their bodies for a shot at the brass ring; kinda like a $1000.00/hour hooker.
    You probably deserved it; but then, so does bill clinton, for instance.
    Or perhaps having hillary around is punishment enough.
    Only way you’re getting out of there is in a bag.

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