Cosmic Rays, Cold Climate and Crop Loss, Oh My!

Could this be our Earth’s future?

Ice Age Now: Robert Felix & David DuByne Discuss the Onset of Crop Losses, Cosmic Rays and Cold Climate.

Video – David did a fantastic job of posting images that went along with what we were talking about, including some great maps showing Indonesia as big as a continent during the last ice age (when sea levels were 400 feet lower than today). Maybe that’s where the lost city of Atlantis is located.

ice age now – screenshot

David also includes an important map showing where wheat is now grown in North America

And for those Alaskans who wonder if they should abandon the state in favor of a warmer climate, he includes a map showing that Alaska was NOT covered by ice during the last ice age.  WATCH

8 Comments on Cosmic Rays, Cold Climate and Crop Loss, Oh My!

  1. The Earth changes and we’re just along for the ride. Like farting in a hurricane, man’s influence will neither accelerate nor stave off the inevitable, but a lot of people will make tons of money off of the junk science generated simply to make you believe that we can!

  2. The algoredimbulb had a large percentage of us here in FL underwater by now, in one of his felonious pronouncements many years ago as he got richer off folks’ fears and guilt.

  3. Scientists being corrupted by politics is criminal and that comes from the left, as with everything else they have a corrosive effect. Their ideology insinuates into every public endeavor and the rot begins.

  4. if it isn’t an ice age then it will be a meteorite or comet strike that will “wipe it out”.

    the universe is a dangerous place.
    but our smart leaders all concentrating on storms,

    stormy daniels.

  5. In my heart I know I am doing the right thing by driving a big 4×4 truck, grilling on my Weber on weekends, and using a lawn mower.
    I am helping create a nice warm blanket for Mother Earth.
    To help fend off the effects of the looming Ice Age 2.

  6. What’s nice about all of this is that the rich, the scientist, and the politicians cannot save themselves. They’ll be just like the rest of us, suck it up and die. Millions of years later, life will start all over again, rinse and repeat. Everyone gets a turn at death.

  7. But why worry? Isn’t Trump supposed to wipe out all life on the planet along time before this happens?


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