Cosmopolitan is Supposed To Empower Women?

American-ka @american_ka· posted this.

Warning: vile.

I don’t think I know what empowering means anymore.

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  1. Use this as your new moral compass reference point and project ahead 1 or 2 decades. Where will we end up?

  2. It’s called ‘having lost so many subscribers we don’t know what to do so we’ll try shocking sexual topics in the hopes you’ll throw down $5 to buy this shit rag’.
    – They’re on their last leg, and they’ll let their pet hump that leg if it gets subs

  3. …the one where she’s poking the guy anally with a strap-on is kind of a metaphor for what most women have been doing to this country with elections since the 19th Amendment was passed…

  4. …we’d be much better off if these were replace by instructions on how to make your man a sammich…

  5. …althogh I have to say that I find it fascinating that, despite these being pretty graphic representations of what passes for hot sex these days, on that ENTIRE PAGE I don’t see a SINGLE thing that I find in ANY way ‘sexy’ or ‘stimulating’ or even worth a second look.

    …guess I’m just getting old, or maybe it’s that I’m, ah, NOT A PERVERT…

  6. Cosmo has always been semi pornographic and a garbage rag displayed in grocery stores in the racks of the tabloids and other crap at the checkout counter. And some grocery stores used to cover them up just like they did Playboy at those checkout counters, all you could see was Cosmo written at the top.

  7. Empowering women? It never did that.

    It always appealed to the lowering of natural protection standards that women had and used to keep ‘family’ safe.

    Debauchery was introduced early. Once you accept the even ‘innocent’ debauchery, it feeds on itself.

    Where ARE the mothers to scream in outrage over the defiling of their children, EVERYWHERE. Church, not safe, camp, not safe, sports, not safe, schools, not safe, camp, yeah, right!

    And the Biden debauchery wants more years with your child! They are coming at your child from pre birth to adulthood.

    Their war cry: ‘Abortion or enslavement’.

  8. I dunno, I never let any magazine fashion my empowerment. Never bought the magazine or any magazine pointed towards women to empower them. It’s a waste of paper and ink, and fills up the dump – where they belong.

  9. Someone figured out decades ago, after the 19th amendment passed, that fully half of women, at least, are completely suggestible, hyper-conformist morons. If you can convince that anything from wearing burlap to eating dog shit is what all the cool people are doing, half of them will run out of the house in a burlap sack to lick Fido’s droppings off the back lawn, and showing off on Instagram while they’re doing it.


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