Could Andrew Cuomo Be Dumber Than Joe Biden?

This is a coin flip.

The more he talks the dumber he is.

And, of course, since he’s a dummicrat, he gets a free pass for being a tone deaf nitwit.


8 Comments on Could Andrew Cuomo Be Dumber Than Joe Biden?

  1. Is he dumber than Joe? It’s razor close, but there’s some new challengers coming along including one from NY that was just elected to congress who has an undeveloped brain that should have these two rattled.

  2. What?

    When he sings “itz beginnin to look alot like chrissmass” I just get shills.

    an NObodies as smart as I is …… am …. uhh ……. at.

  3. Once Cuomo has New York state completely in ashes he plans to move on to Washington and ply his gifts to the nation at large.
    Heady days ahead for the 7 or so people across the nation that endorse him.

  4. Easy answer! No one is dumber than Crazy Joe Biden and that’s saying a lot with the whole nutty cabal of DemoncRATs scurrying around acting like insane and stupid doofuses!


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