Coulter Assesses The Mid-Terms

I’ve seen comments over and over again that what the Right needs is a good purge of its political class. Ann Coulter makes the case that the mid-terms were a good start on thinning the ranks of the RINOS. Here

5 Comments on Coulter Assesses The Mid-Terms

  1. To everything purge, purge, purge,
    There is a season purge, purge, purge,
    and a time to every purpose under heaven…

  2. We are very fortunate that there were 26 D senate seats up for re-election and only 9 R. Remnants of the wave that brought our second black president and first Kenyan president into office.
    If there would have been any way for the R swamp dwellers to piss this down their leg they would have done it like they did in the House. Fortunately for America PDJT hit the campaign trail and kicked the RINOS plan into the trash heap of history. Now they can all go around like they had something to do with it. Jagoffs!!


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