Coulter Says Tea Party Damages Republicans

Coulter is right. She’s admitted that Republicans are a breed apart from conservatives… a useless breed. Dem-lite.

Coulter is good for a laugh every once in awhile. She’ll turn a good phrase when skewering the left, but overall she’s like the girl that’ll do when you’re in the mood.

Equally nauseating is the nitwit Tucker Carlson, the libertarian conservative, sitting there and not saying a word in defense of the Tea Party, nor libertarians.

You know, this year, when the top conservative 100 website polls come out, readers should demand that certain sites be expunged from that list. It’s an insult to conservatives. Contact the people who run these lists and tell them so.

The longer interview with Coulter can be seen at The Conservative Treehouse – Deep Thoughts From The Shallows


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  1. Coulter, along with Dennis Prager has a point, in that, in a close race, a vote for a libertarian takes a vote from the republican. Think Ross Perot. I don’t like a squishy republican just as much as any other conservative however it will always beat a dem.

  2. The damage sustained by the Republicans because of the Tea Party is the fault of the duplicity of Republicans.

    Does Coulter have a comment on the Republicans gravely damaging the USA ?!

    PS Ann Coulter’s duplicity has gravely damaged the value of Ann Coulter’s opinion.

  3. I was offended she lumped tea partiers in with Libertarians. She is a Christie fan and thus an establishment GOP’er. I’ve got to assume this was another Coulter attention grabber statement. Her last one that worked was in the Spring of 2008 when she endorsed Hillary over Obama and McCain.

  4. Upsguy,

    But what you’re forgetting is that according to Coulter the sect to be nurtured is the republican.
    In a straight primary she sides with the republican over the Tea Party candidate.
    You can’t hide behind the argument that the 3rd party should get out of the way for the good of the republican when you don’t want the Tea Party on the landscape at all from the git-go.

  5. Actually the Republican establishment has done more than any person or group to damage the Republican brand. AND if there is anyone with a microphone who is more enamored of establishment Republicans than Anne Coulter it is a well kept secret.

  6. Furthermore,
    I understood the argument 4 years ago that the time to be “authentic” (purging the right of RINOS) had not arrived because we would be authentic at our own peril and usher in a completely controlled dem hill with Obama at the helm. Not good.
    But in the interim years we are still characterized as the upstarts ruining it for the republicans.
    Screw the republicans.
    Let THEM get out of the way.
    If a close race is Lefty – RINO – Righty, why does the righty have to bow out?
    What is Coulter saying? If the RINO drops from the ticket the RINO supporters will sit it out or vote for the lefty?

    Maybe instead of showing up on shows and constantly shifting her hair behind her giant ear or flipping it behind her shoulder as she characterizes the TEA party candidate as the fly in the ointment she can start pushing the TEA party candidate for president on November 5th.

  7. Furthermore, even still, lol.
    Listen to what she says. On the heels of her statement about TEA party and libertarian candidates hurting republicans in some races she talks about the achilles heel of the left, “the crazy feminists” as if they are the polar equivalent of the republicans’ TEA party problem.

    Insulting juxtaposition.

    But think about it further. There are no democrats running that have “fly in the ointment” crazy feminists siphoning votes away from the “reasonable” democrats. The left have purged their party of blue dogs and they will suffer because of it. The only candidates they run are amnesty loving, wealth redistributing, abortion loving, gender-busting, anti-American, anti-religion nutbags.
    The right will not suffer a similar consequence of our purging because our “crazy fanatics” are small government constitutionalists, which most of the country are.
    We’ve been losing BECAUSE of Ann Coulter and her favored candidates.

  8. The worst thing about Ann is her 90-degree jag she took when she abandoned everything she SAID she believed in. She used to side with Rush and Sarah and claim that “moderates” were oxymorons and that only by embracing authentic conservative principles could we save this country. At some point, it’s like she slept with the wrong pundit or something, she completely changed tack. It was about the time she fell in love with Crispie.

    So, did she never believe in any of that shit before? What was that? A phase?

  9. Coulter must have supported the vile game played by Thad Cochran’s team to steal the votes of Mississippi Republicans.

    On another note, I contacted Fox News and told them that whenever I see Ann Coulter, Karl Rove, Geraldo Rivera, Alan Colmes and Juan Williams on FOX News, I change the channel until the next show. They do not contribute to a balanced discussion. They either puppet the left’s talking points or have an agenda of divisiveness and make calculating/disingenuous statements to derail honest debate.

    They probably don’t care what I think, but I had to let them know.

  10. Love ya Ann BUT
    The Tea Party isn’t going away. Mitch slipped through the crack in the rock he was under but he will be gone next time.

    The Tea is for the new GOP, you can keep the Kool Aid cause you will become the new Demonrat party in 2016.

  11. DINO MITE – The worst thing is she and others like Rove will be saying that the republican party has a mandate. Use the election to push for immigration reform and to “tweak” Oblowmecare.

    Asses of Elephants is what they are.

  12. who that thinks for themselves gives a half backed fuk what Colter’s OPINION is? she has always struck me as a whining halfwit, who was in the game for herself PERIOD.

  13. She has to have some “unique” schtick to remain relevant and sell books and swap spit with the TV peeps.

    This tack is her schtick. I don’t think she actually believes in anything – cept ‘MO MONEY.’

  14. Coulter has written some god books, and she is indeed useful with her scathing wit at attacking the left. She is also spot-on in commenting on a number of issues, but she is no longer reliable when it comes to evaluating political candidates. I was appalled at her support for Chris Christie, but she completely lost me when she took a cavalier attitude towards Thad Cochran’s shenanigans. She’s nothing anymore but a partisan hack, with no priciples, who would vote for the devil, himself, if he were running with an “R” after his name.

  15. I’m a conservative republican, not a tea party person. NTTAWWT
    (I drink more tea than most people)

  16. “Hooray for anyone who hates Obama” –
    Dude, I’m just an idiot, and nobody gives a fuck what I think, but at least when I give an opinion, people can look at my stupid gravatar and stupid made up name (which hasn’t changed in 5 years) and say: “That Grunt is such a fookin’ idiot.” At least they have some point of reference for the abuse.

    The sock puppet thing can be cute when it’s a play on words or something. But what is this shit you’re doing now? You’re making a statement about what YOU think, using ‘I’ repeatedly, like we should care what YOU think, without any other context or contribution except saying something about YOURSELF, when we have no fucking idea who you are or whether any of the 5000 anonymous comments before that were made by you or some other anonymous clever sock puppet without a handle. What’s the point?

    I get that you’re a regular, and I don’t want to drive you away or piss you off. I just don’t get the appeal. If you can respond with anything like a cogent answer, I will have a bottle of good whiskey waiting for you behind the counter at the liquor store you specify in the city of your choice. But you may have to give some kind of identifying name to claim it.

    Sign me: JUST DON’T GET IT

  17. AWD no longer cares about the Republican Establishment any more than I do Dims. They’re both the same, they just serve different masters. Dims are owned by corrupt labor unions. Repubs

  18. Let’s face it, you can’t get on TV these days with a Tea Party message; the name “Tea Party” has been so defamed by the vile left that it has become untouchable. Ann’s smart enough to know this…

  19. If the republicans are suddenly attracted to gun control and abortion, Ann just looks the other way and goes right on stumping for the evil bastards.

  20. Speaking of sock puppet. I notice Grunt shows up the same time Cheiftain does
    On the time stamp. And JDHasty. Sock puppets??? Could be.

  21. Amazing how success can corrupt. And just as amazing how it corrupted someone seemingly strong as Ann Coulter.

    But we should all be lucky enough to have the opportunity to face that challenge . Unlike Coulter, we’d hope we would not lose our way.

    Her base is no one. At most, she’d be lucky to sell six books: to Karl The Klown Rove, Squeaker John Boehner, Fat Boy Christie, Mittens Romney, Turtle McConnell, John Stockholm Syndrome McCain, and Fail-Rinse-Repeat Prebus.

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