Coulter will accept “all the socialist stuff” and support Sanders if he closes the border

You think that’s distressing? In this clip, Trump hater Ben Shapiro discusses with the increasingly suspect Tucker Carlson how the left can win in 2020. Carlson says he would support, even vote for, the leftist given the right circumstances.

What the hell is going on?

We have the ‘middle finger’ president rerunning for office in 2020.

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  1. Coulter has kinda gone off the deep end over the last couple of years, but in this case she seems to be developing a politically neurotic, heading toward psychotic, state of thinking as well if she thinks Sanders will close the border.

  2. Coulter has gone around the bend.
    To go from being a conservative to supporting a self described socialist/communist?

    She’s lost her mind.

  3. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    -Benjamin Franklin

    …true yesterday, today, and tomorrow…

  4. She’s a big Grateful Dead fan, maybe her and Bill Walton need to hook up. Why are all so called conservatives so fond of letting the left win? She’s another useless idiot supposedly on our side.

  5. “……..given the right circumstances.”
    Like supporting conservative policies, such as fiscal responsibility, border and immigration control, etc.
    But since Tucker (and Coulter) know this will never happen, they’re safe in saying that they’ll support a Libtard, without coming out and saying that they’ll never support a Libtard.
    Although I have my doubts about never-Trumper Coulter.

  6. She’s okay with Socialism as long as it’s just us and we keep the rest of the world out.

    Diagnosis: another strain of Liberal mental disorder.

  7. Let’s see…close the borders, then turn the Country into the same sort of shithole people are fleeing, using the same Communist methods with the same fucked system that the people crossing the borders are fleeing in the FIRST place.

    …seems legit…

  8. North Korea has closed borders and is a socialist nation. So did once the USSR. I doubt Coulter is thinking this matter through

  9. Ann has been right to hold POTUS’ feet to the fire, but the idea of throwing the baby out with the bathwater just puts her beyond my comprehension.

    Close the border. . . with all the socialists put on the other side of it first.

  10. Ann Coulter has said enough stupid stuff that she should be relegated to the Shut Up Stupid pile for the rest of her days.

    She holds no Office, she has done NOTHING her entire life excpet throw out her opinion. And even though she may have said something right a time or two, her STUPIDITY and MENDACITY is who she is.

    Think about it, the only REAL thing she’s done in her life is…
    …Bill Maher. Bam!

  11. Ann’s point, which apparently most here missed, was that securing the border is job #1, it is the existential crisis (borrowing the term from the left) that faces us today. It is that same crisis that Trump ran on, that same crisis that Trump talked about over and over and over after he was elected, that same crisis that he promised he would fix, and hasn’t. Absurdity and hyperbole are useful tools in emphasizing the critical, the border mess is the critical issue, that was Ann’s point.

    And I’m curious, what did either Ben or Tucker say that was soooooooooo offensive? Was it that they would welcome anyone on the left that was not crazy?

  12. Why do we have to accept Socialism (or any ‘compromise’) to have our government obey the law, do their Constitutional Duty, you stupid twat??

    Because you think so? Shaddup!

  13. Gave up on this miserable, bitter, hateful, off her meds, John McCain wannabe a couple years ago. Gave her second chance yesterday. Tuned her out on the very first line of her article.

  14. Even Judas followed Jesus and looked-talked like a diciple but sold him out for a few coins. And you know what happened to him 😃😆😉

  15. Cuntlet has picked up liberalism through osmosis from all of the little NY turbomanlets that have pumped their seed into her barren, rent controlled womb.

  16. Closing the borders with a communist/socialist system inside would make us another North Korea. Nobody wants that.

    Ann Coulter has been dogging Trump for not getting the wall done. With the recent release of $1B in funds from the military to at least get it going, I think she should lay off a bit.

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  18. Words fail me when describing the deep disappointment I have with Coulter and Shapiro. They both have superb minds but seem to be losing the ability to separate good from evil.

    I’ve seen Shapiro eviscerate smart ass college seniors as well as hard core liberals who thought they had an answer to everything. However he then goes on to slam Trump, the only President in decades to do what he says, bring all sorts of improvements to the lives of minorities, give the middle-class a fighting chance, bring industry out of the doldrums and fix the mistakes in foreign policy made by Obama, Bush and Clinton.

    Coulter is similar. I knew something was wrong when that debate tour between her and Bill Maher turned out to be more of a love-in. She also fails to recognize that Trump is actually saving your country or at least giving it to a fighting chance. She seems far more interested in attacking him the President when she gets a chance. Sad.

  19. What the hell is going on?

    People who supported Trump because he was “Anyone but Hillary” have noticed Hillary’s not running. Yet.

    (No, he’s not Hillary. But this co-prez sucks.

    Unless you’re The United Nations’ President. Then he’s just nasty.)

  20. Ann has a bad case of I WANT WHAT I WANT WHEN I WANT IT syndrome, commonly linked to TDS. Grow up bitch, or shut up. As for FOX and Carlson? We see their true colors shining through…

  21. “Yeah, because Bernie’s gonna kick out the illegals and close the border.”

    MJA, you and most everyone else here is missing the point. Ann knows Bernie would never close the border, he is an open borders guy just like all the rest of the dem. contenders, they want the votes. No, she is highlighting her frustration thus far that her guy, the guy that she backed from almost day one (Remember that Maher clip where she said Trump could win and everyone laughed at her?),has not followed up on his signature promise to the american people.

    She would never support Bernie, please!!!!! Emphasizing the urgency of our southern invasion, she was bringing the discussion home with , “Yeah, it is that important, and if Bernie could do what Trump has not done, why not?”, said as a clarion call to “her guy” that support only flows when you perform.

  22. Been done with Coulter!!! Trump, with little help from Ryan & McConnell got done what he could… It was a lot! Whiney-ASS Coulter seems to think only TRUMP is to blame for RINO/DEM obstruction? Vote for Bernie you scumbag, who needs ya’ anyway?

  23. Apparently most here missed, Ann has always been a greedy self deluded for her being a own pocketbook lining shrew.
    Now has to resort playing both sides of the fence for ongoing personal profit.
    Ann, please do not propagate!
    I know a surgeon to fix all your lifelong issues,,,
    and for our future as well.


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