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Counterfeit News Network

I’m not sure how long YouTube will leave this video up, but it really moved me in a deep and personal way.


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  1. If the truth passed the lips of either Lemon or Cooper, they’d melt, like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz did with thrown water.

    Truth is like acid to the Leftist.

  2. I’m Gonna Make a New Game Show ” Lootin For Dollars ” . If You Aint Beaen on the Lottin fo Dollahs … You Aint Shit !
    Better Make that ” Lootin for Franklin’s ” !!!

  3. For satire to be effective, there has to be truth in it.
    There is more truth here than in a Bishop’s confessional.

  4. “This will be considered racist by some of our contributors.”

    I hope so!

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