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Countries Scaled by Gun Ownership

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  1. I’m helping out about 2500 people that don’t own guns and I have 4 within reach right now. 6 more if I get out of my chair.

  2. Owning a weapon doesn’t make you armed anymore than owning a guitar makes you a musician.

    Have one? Get trained. Range time, ammo expended. Paper targets don’t move, don’t try to kill you, and have all day.

    You don’t.

    If you carry a firearm and don’t train you are a bigger danger to your self and innocent people than you’ll ever be to a bad guy.

    You learned how to drive. Learn how to use that weapon.

  3. ^^^^^^He’s right you know. If you’re not shooting and moving you’re not training to the level you should be. 85% dry fire, 15% LIVE.
    Situational awareness is the best weapon you possess.

  4. Brad, does us imploring those that buy and stash have any impact? You think maybe a few will expend the effort?

    I have doubts but I can’t shut up.

  5. Lowell
    Myself and Canadian friends have a meet up at the cottage every year where we shoot at paper targets and eat BBQ.
    Each and every one of us is breaking Canadian law,we don’t give a fuck.
    Plus we have very strict rules when guns are alive, i even post signs at the property boarder explaining such.
    We all have a fire arm acquisition licence ,yet we all break the law by transporting guns in a locked case without written permission .
    I could go on,but the Leaf-St.Louis game has started.

  6. Lowell

    Hopefully, but doubtful. Being proficient with a gun, especially a pistol, is a never ending quest. I love it. And if you don’t love it or if you get frustrated, you won’t do it.

  7. I would like to add, there’s a lot more to a self defense gun fight than being able to survive. People do a lot better with a process. This as good as I’ve seen and any good trainer teaches this. F.A.S.T. Fight, Access, Scan, Top Off. Make it automatic.
    Find a trainer, learn it. Your family may depend on it.

  8. The only reason we are not Canada and Australia now…

    Our founders could have been a bit more specific about our individual right to bear arms but then they could never have conceived the corruot idiocracy this nation has become.

    Regardless it’s our weapons that are tipping the balance in maintaining our freedom.

  9. Lowell FEBRUARY 19, 2022 AT 7:13 PM
    Brad, does us imploring those that buy and stash have any impact? You think maybe a few will expend the effort?

    And with the ammo, powder, primers being hard to come by makes some even more hesitant. The ammo seems to be coming more available if not expensive, but components not so much. Won’t be giving any more lend/lease components to anyone until I see the returns from what I’ve already given out.


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