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Coup Rumors Coming Out of China

India Times

As India fights the Chinese on the northern borders, speculation about Chinese President Xi Jinping being put under house arrest has taken over the social media. According to several posts on the Internet, Jinping, who was recently in Samarkand for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, or SCO, summit, was removed as the chief of China’s People’s Liberation Army, or the PLA. More

More strangeness coming out of China. Here

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  1. I also read where Joe Biden has resigned, Hillary has been taken into custody, and Bat Boy has come out of hiding. Again.

  2. Wonder if the Chicoms were fed some good info on Xi,m Humper and The Big Guy? Things were heating up there these past 2 weeks. Humper’s business colleagues were singing like a canary to Congress as well. Oh the web they weave.

  3. If nobody is planning to impeach any time soon, then, too bad we Americans can’t do something like that in Our Country…at least once, with a dysfunctional, destructive, lying, disorganized, America-hating president.

  4. from clif high on telegram. the link is in german so i have no idea what link says
    clif high
    It was the exact opposite of a coup:

    “High-ranking cadres are sentenced to severe punishment for corruption. A warning to political opponents, a few weeks before the party congress.

    The biggest wave of purges within China’s power apparatus in recent years came to a spectacular end on Friday: Sun Lijun, former Deputy Minister of Public Security, was sentenced to death, with the sentence suspended for two years and then commuted to life imprisonment target.”

    …Sun is accused of having formed an opposition “clique” as the leading head, which has positioned itself against state & party leader Xi Jinping. Former Minister of Justice Fu Zhenghua, who was also sentenced to life imprisonment for corruption on Thursday, is said to have belonged to the political clique.
    …the police chiefs of Shanghai, Chongqing and Shanxi, who were sentenced to long prison terms this week…six leading cadres from the Chinese security apparatus were hit”!5883490/

  5. Eat shit, prove it! Dipstick it’s fake news but dweebs like you just love conspiracy lies. Xi is going for a third term unlike America they shoot traiters. Russia has much more unrest, Putin is driving Russia back to the Dark Ages.

  6. This from Gordon Chang:

    “…There have been reports of flights being grounded in China, and even trains and buses going into the capital city of Beijing have been halted, Newsweek reported Saturday.

    The internet rumors had China’s People’s Liberation Army potentially staging a coup against Xi, but there was also reports of a planned military exercise that led to the grounding of flights…”

    Bottom line: We don’t know for sure what is happening.


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