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Couple Abandon Baby When Airline Says Ticket Required

Two Belgian Twatwaffles were told in an Israeli airport that their baby required a ticket to fly. The ticket counter was closed, so they left the baby in the stroller and took off for the plane.


Airport staff see a lot of weird stuff. But staff at Israel’s main airport in Tel Aviv say “we didn’t believe what we were seeing” Tuesday as a couple—who’d purchased two tickets for a flight out of the country—ran off to catch their flight, leaving their infant son behind. Outlets suggest this wasn’t an accident. The parents, who hold Belgian passports, had arrived late to the airport and only then learned they needed to buy a third seat for their child, reports the Independent. According to the Times of Israel, they were unable to purchase a third ticket to Brussels as the check-in counter at Ben Gurion Airport had already closed.

They “then sprinted off toward security, leaving the infant behind in a baby carrier,” per the Times. A short video shared by the New York Post shows someone pulling down a cover on the carrier to reveal the infant boy. A voice, speaking in Hebrew, reportedly says, “She left him here, I swear!” “All the workers were in shock,” said a Ryanair employee at the airport, per the Times. “We have never seen anything like that.” The couple was nabbed by airport security and didn’t make their flight, per Israel Today.


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  1. They are European and that makes it far more likely than not atheistic hedonists. Belgium. That makes it even more likely. Not one damn bit surprising.

  2. And? Why is anyone shocked. The value of a baby in EU land is 0. For God’s sake, they are allowed to, you know, terminate them.

  3. “The parents, who hold Belgian passports” — That doesn’t mean that they were actually Belgians. Let me guess: former asylum seekers returning from a visit back home?

  4. Marxism/progressivism is a materialistic worldview. Human life has no value to the subhuman followers of the progressive political philosophy other than what they can exploit it for to advance their own agenda.

  5. The humane thing to do would have been to let the couple board their flight and then place the baby with a loving Israeli family who would value the kid.

  6. When God doled out their brains with a teaspoon somebody jostled his arm.
    I can’t even…..What in hells kitchen?

  7. Toenex – that reminds me of what my dad used to say:
    When God was handing out brains, that SOB grabbed sand and ran like hell!
    That was when I was a kid in the 60s and I pretty much forgot about it until that monumentally stupid Jackass Joe came promonately on the scene in the 80s!

  8. Couldn’t get a big duffel bag at the gift shop, insert the kid, & call it carry-on luggage? Take him out when the planes in the air, of course.
    People just don’t use their brains.


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