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Couple gets ‘trapped’

idiots trapped in unlocked closet

inside unlocked janitor’s closet for two days.

h/t Rob

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  1. “The pair told police they were chased into a closet in the college’s Marine and Environmental Science Center on Sunday”

    Chased into a closet? Haha! And with belief so strong that they were locked in, they didn’t bother conducting further investigation.
    Just like all the other libs who jealously shield their beliefs from the invasion of contradictory facts.

  2. Oh darn, I actually tried to post this to the bullpen (and I am terrible at it) and Rob beat me to it. I actually think they were trying to Darwin themselves (let’s save humanity and kill ourselves in the stupidest way possible)!

  3. They look like a Hollywood power couple without their makeup. I bet they were screaming “Si! Se puede!” in the closet when they were “rescued.”

  4. Spay / neuter them both, put a radio collar on them, then put them back into the wild to track their movements…

  5. She’s 25. That thing is 25. Someone remarked she’s just 7 years from 18. Mo Kelly on KFI said she looks 7 years from 50. I have to agree with Mo.

  6. It looks like the were either caught in burglary and hid in the closet or they were homeless and living in the closet.

    I’m not buying that they thought they were locked in.

    ps, No one will having any trouble in picking the woman out of a line up. That tattoo is hard to forget.

  7. She looks like an incubator for Super AIDS.

    Seriously though, what’s the dollar sign for? It can’t be because she’s rich. I’ve never seen Warren Buffet or Mark Cuban with dollar signs tattooed to their necks. Or a pound tattooed on the Queen’s neck.

    That must mean it’s where the money shot goes. I’d be afraid to see where the change comes out.

  8. “They traveled millions of miles but can’t open a door?”
    I thought that was a really stupid line in that movie, but now – they’ve lived 25 and 31 years, respectively, and can’t open a door?

    Pretty fucking pathetic … even for those two.

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