Court Filing Says Hunter Biden Received $156 Million in Ukraine

DC Patriot: Now we are starting to understand why the Democrats want the Ukraine story buried, and have started calling it a conspiracy theory.

According to new court filings, Hunter Biden took in over $156 million for his jobs in the Ukraine.

In a recent Arkansas lawsuit against Hunter Biden, a private investigator on behalf of the woman whom Hunter fathered a child with claimed that the former vice president’s sons “is the subject of more than one (1) criminal investigation involving fraud, money laundering and a counterfeiting scheme.”

Dominic Casey of D&A Investigations filed the lawsuit on behalf of Lunden Alexis Roberts.

Monday’s “Notice of Fraud and Counterfeiting and Production of Evidence” alleges that Hunter Biden and associates Devon Archer and John Kerry stepson Christopher Heinz engaged in a money laundering scheme which accumulated over $156 million between March 2014 and December 2015. MORE

22 Comments on Court Filing Says Hunter Biden Received $156 Million in Ukraine

  1. The kitchen light came on and the roaches are scurrying away. Biden won’t go down alone. He will rat out everyone else involved if it will save his ass.

  2. The biden, pelosi, obama, clinton, kerry scam is so much deeper than we even suspected. Their coup didnt work, so now they’ve unleashed their ghetto thugs to start killing Jewish people. Payback is going to be a bitch.

  3. Where are their tax records?
    If they each have some $50M in their holdings, they should have paid maybe $10-20M in taxes along the way.
    Or they are guilty of tax evasion.

  4. Hunter may end up facing the most expensive child support case ever.

    Probably would have been a good idea to just giver her anything she wanted up front and avoid all this income scrutiny.

  5. I agree,I would have tried that angle
    first.Offer a fat chunk of change all
    in one check and see if she would bite.
    Sign the contract and be quiet.

  6. Sax,

    It was our tax money laundered from foreign aid to Ukraine kicked backed to Demonrats after it was washed through Soros owned NGO’s.

    This State Department and CIA laundrymat has been used since the fifties for kickbacks. That’s how our politicians enter poor and exit rich, especially Senators.

    Look at the Magic Negro, he had to have cronies pay his mortgage in Chirac but now has a 15 million mansion on the seashore of the Hamptons.

    All these corrupt pols have “Charitable foundations” “speaking fees”, and book deals. Add in the Kickbacks from Soros and you have Mad Maxine worth 15 million.

    Look at how much each of these Demonrat fucktards (and most Never Trumpers) are raking in. The panicked screaming from the deep state, Washington elites, and mouthpiece media shills shows how PDJT is turning over the tables at the temple of greed known as DC.

    The highest concentration of wealth in this country is not NYC, LA, Hollywood, or Marthas Vineyard, it’s the 50 mile radius around DC, what does that tell you?

  7. Yet in challenging President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, poor, poor pitiful Joe said he had released 21 years of his returns and then claimed relative poverty for himself.
    Then we come to find out his real source of wealth is to use his family as a front to hide all his money!
    I gots news for ya Jackass Joe, using your perverted, alcoholic, strung-out, druggie kid as a way to fleece the hard-working, American tax payer is the hallmark of a filthy, piece of shit and quite possibly makes you the lowest, dirtiest, lying scumbag of them all!

  8. Cisco Kid has it right. Delaware has nine of the top twenty wealthiest counties in the country. What industry in Delaware produces that much wealth?

  9. Don’t worry, the DOJ, FBI and friends are working 24/7 to protect Joe, Family and pals from prosecution. We will never find out just what they were up to because we’ll be a long time our graves, if anyone ever does prosecute or even investigate.

  10. @AA
    Delaware has big money around Wilmington because the state has favorable tax laws for corporations. Many corporations have shell offices in Wilmington and claim their business is based in Delaware to get the tax benefits even though their main offices are located elsewhere.
    Even with that the wealthiest counties based on household income surround DC, which is 100 miles away. And those counties biggest employers are government and corporations with government related business.

  11. Damn it all where are the Clintons in all this. When you say money they’re usually around.

    Oh they have the enforcer part to come so Joey and Hunter better not go to the park!

  12. Here’s the thing, all that money has likely been funding Democrat campaigns all over the country for the last 4 years laundered through PACs.

  13. When reports were saying that Hunter was getting $50K to $80k per month from Burisma, there wasn’t much push back. I guess now we know why.

  14. Instead of buying off the “baby moma”.., and taking a chance that she would leak info on him.., the safe bet would have been to ‘let hillary know’ that baby moma was going to testify against the Clintons’ .. Dead men tell no tales. Ask JE how it worked out?

  15. @Anonymous — I think I either meant “districts” or the 9 counties surrounding D.C. Thanks for the info. I need to up my game going into 2020. I have a lot of people to talk to and convince.

  16. “Hunter Biden took in over $156 million for his jobs in the Ukraine”

    he must have sold a lot of crack to make that much
    he must have been more than just a street dealer

    “his jobs”

    not even black hookers in dc make that much giving blow jobs
    whats hunter blow job secret?
    does he blackmail his clients like epstein did?


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