Court in New Hampshire Doesn’t Prosecute Refugee Because He’s “Culturally Incompetent”


A judge has ended efforts to reinstate a domestic-violence prosecution against Augustin Bahati, the Congolese refugee deemed culturally incompetent to stand trial earlier this year.

Circuit Court Judge Kimberly Chabot said she wouldn’t grant city prosecutors a do-over of the case and dismissed the misdemeanor charges against Bahati, 33: four counts of domestic violence and one of sexual assault.

The city’s top prosecutor on Tuesday ruled out an appeal.

“All I can say is we made a decision not to appeal,” said acting City Solicitor Emily Rice.

The Bahati case came to light in late June, when New Hampshire Attorney General Gordon MacDonald raised issues with prosecutions of domestic violence cases in Manchester. MacDonald’s inquiry led to the abrupt retirements of the top two lawyers in the City Solicitor’s Office and attorney general oversight of some office operations.

Earlier this year Bahati avoided trial after the assistant city solicitor in charge of the domestic violence unit — Andrea Muller — accepted a psychologist’s findings that he lacked the cultural competency to participate in the American justice system.

New Hampshire law contains no provision that allows for cultural incompetence, and MacDonald’s office has said that Muller should have fought the incompetency finding.


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  1. So then why the he LL was he allowed to move here? The left treats these people like pets that they are going to take care of. The reality of the nonsense, the duties, the costs soon sets in, though, and they become charges for you and me to pick up w our tax $$. The entire refugee program is corrupt, stupid, and should be shut down. Not one more.

  2. I live in NH and this kind of crap has been going on for a LONG time.

    The police/judges/lawyers/politicians do NOT want to do their jobs and prove it over & over with BS like this.

    I do NOT expect federal charges be brought against this POS or to see his “status” revoked and deported like trump says he is doing to ALL immigrant law-breakers.

    This moron is a poster child to halt ALL immigration until every LEGAL american citizen is taken care of and has a J-O-B… which in NH are severely lacking for anyone who is white.

  3. If he can’t participate in the American justice system, he also can not participate in the American dream.
    Send him back.
    With his family min tow.

  4. The Soros plan to dilute and destroy the American culture is moving along at a steady pace. This was Obama’s primary reason for living. This infection has worked its way thru out government down to the local level. We’ve already lost but haven’t realized it yet.

  5. If he’s not culturally competent to be here, then send his fat ass back to where he IS culturally competent.

  6. I’m not sure why NH/VT/CT/NY/NJ/MD needed to deem themselves sanctuary havens. The judiciary in those states have for years protected the criminals. Yesterday’s madman in MD/DE is just another example of logical conclusion resulting from lax sentencing.

    VT is a bit of an enigma. A socialist state with the laxest gun laws in the US. Although now, due to their sanctuary status, they’re becoming the illegal smuggling gateway to Canada, I imagine they’ll soon tighten gun ownership rather than their borders.

  7. If “he lack[s] the cultural competency to participate in the American justice system” then he should be placed in a more sheltered environment, one where his potential interactions with others is limited, and his exposure to the bewildering (to him) American experience is similarly reduced. The state penitentiary would be perfect.

  8. How much do you want to bet he’s culturally competent to vote democrat? Multiple times? And bring dozens more like him through chain migration?

    Warning politically incorrect but scientifically valid rant follows:

    Here’s the reality they won’t publicize: this guy is a typical African. In Africa, the average IQ is 70 – (mildly to borderline retarded). African university students – the best they have to offer – have an average score of 85. In the US, black average IQ is 85 – just above the mental retardation level. White average IQ worldwide is 100. Asian 106. Only 11 – 16% of blacks have an IQ above 100 (WEB DuBois “talented tenth”) and 40% have IQ’s below 81 while only 10% of whites score that low.

    The gaps have held steady for 100 years no matter how the test is devised. IQ tests have proven predictive of future success for the past 100 years. Not one black organization has come up with an IQ test that varies in the result and no amount of “thumb on the scales” or taxpayer trillion$ has made a difference.

    Part of the globalization objective (which is the leftist objective of world control by the elite) is to mix the races to raise African IQ because that’s the ONLY way to do it. The downside is it lowers everyone else’s and make people more like sheeple. Look at Portugal – once a dominant player on the world stage. When they outlawed slavery, blacks and whites in Portugal mixed freely. It is now one of the poorest countries in Europe with among the lowest IQ.

    If this offends you, ask why all studies into racial intelligence are met with charges of racial bigotry and why there is no funding for DNA studies of racial differences in intelligence in the US and precious few world wide? Ask why all countries and Interpol stopped reporting crime by race right around 9/11.

    Let’s pretend we’re all the same except whites are the root of all problems.

    Reality. Not bigotry.

  9. “deemed culturally incompetent to stand trial”
    “lacked the cultural competency to participate in the American justice system”

    well I can see hillary, obama, mueller, podesta, lynch, rice and comey all using this defense now that it has been established.

    where do all these conditions for non prosecution come from ?

    “she’s guilty of breaking the law but she did not have any intent on breaking the law so we will not prosecute even though the decision to prosecute is not our job ?”

    don’t get giddy, it won’t work for you.

  10. What? This is bullshit. The guy wouldn’t want to be beat up by someone bigger and stronger than himself. Therefore he knows what he did was wrong. The judge is full of crap. This guy should be in the general population of some disgusting prison. Maybe then will he gain some competency in our culture.

  11. “…he lacked the cultural competency to participate in the American justice system.”

    That reminds me…Whatever happened to Startled Somali Cop?

  12. Buck makes a good point: Pets that get picked up by animal control go to the pound, where an attempt is made to socialize them before being released to a new owner. Or eventual euthanasia.
    Wouldn’t it be better to have some kind of “halfway house” system where they could learn to meet the expectations of their new home?
    Of course, the better plan is not to import individuals who will never fit in in the first place.

  13. Hey BFH, don’t look now but your link to twitter button doesn’t work. If you click it for this story this is what pops uo in the twitter box.

    Court in New Hampshire Doesn

    Similar in all articles on your site.

  14. Like Howie says: ‘As an American, I don’t want special treatment, I just want to be treated like a refugee.’

  15. Another effort (partially successful) to destroy America by excusing bad behavior on spurious grounds and allowing “culturally incompetent” people to infest our shores.

    The declaration of “culturally incompetent” is all that is necessary to exclude him, and his ilk (also “culturally incompetent”), from participating in America’s Great Experiment. This is prima facie evidence that he, and all like him, should be deported after seizing his (their) assets to pay for that (those) deportation(s).

    Whatever happened to the “ignorance is no excuse” reasoning?

    We have lost our legal moorings and are adrift in a lawless sea. Law is politicized, now, and everyone is at risk. When we crash upon the shoals, it’ll be ugly.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. Last I checked, there is no Constitutional protection regarding “culturally incompetent”. Can’t live with people in your host country without causing mayhem, murder, rape, theft or destruction or being a leech..go back. Pronto.

  17. This gives the other citizens there accused of a crime a gift. ‘Ignorance of the Law’ has now been proven by the court to be an affirmative defense.

  18. Biggest problem I see in this story is it looks like all the attorneys at the city are women! Bunch of bleeding hearts (for the perp, never the victim). No desire to get tough on perpetrators. And since when do we call them “solicitors” in this country instead of “prosecutors”? This ain’t England.

  19. If NH is like Maine, with all women and pajama boys in the DA’s office, white men are automatically guilty. Even if the woman is the one beating her spouse.
    Page O Turner: One of our friends, a very tall black guy originally from Detroit, hates all these Africans coming over here. He has some choice words for them. So pointing out the lack of education, iq and cultural norms of Africa is not racist or bigoted.

  20. 🎱 So if you’re from a different culture, you’re not held by our standards.

    🎱 Sound like Europe.

  21. This is a lot bigger threat now I have time to think.
    Not only is this a precedent for Ignorance of the Law and a valid defense, as Lowell pointed out, but a ‘culturally incompetent’ person cannot but fail in our culture. With disastrous results for him and anyone around him.
    So the Judge wants us to take pity and help him learn to do better.
    Let going to jail for his crimes be a good first lesson on how the civilized world operates.
    It is not my fellow Americans’ duty to absorb the crimes to their persons or property people like these pose to them.

  22. Don’t know but he may have cracked his kid across the ass and had a “do gooder” try to hang him for it. Everyone else saw it for what it was and took the best way out.

  23. he’s probably a Filthy Mohammedan Savage too. Mohammedan “culture” actually encourages consangunity (inbreeding). Mohammedanism is Allah-Satan’s brilliant plan to make them dumb & violent.

  24. I’m so confused, was he going to represent himself?
    How effing “culturally competent” do you have to be to sit in court and keep your mouth shut?
    Isn’t that what the lawyers tell criminals to do?
    What ever happened to ignorance of the law is no excuse, ‘unless you’re a freeloader in my country’?
    Bailiff, whack his peepee.

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