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Court rejects San Diego school district’s COVID vaccine mandate

FOX: The California 4th District Court of Appeal ruled against the San Diego Unified School District’s COVID-19 student vaccine requirement this week. 

On Tuesday, the appellate court agreed with a lower court’s ruling from last year that the school district does not have the authority to establish its own mandate.

The court rejected the district’s several defenses of its mandate, including that it is in line with the responsibility to keep students safe, that programs can be created to meet “local needs” and that the mandate is not actually a mandate because it allows for students to do at-home independent study should they choose not to comply.  MORE

6 Comments on Court rejects San Diego school district’s COVID vaccine mandate

  1. it’s starting to get pretty sad that the courts and all the legal eagles are over a year behind on what EVERYONE already knows as fact. Jesus.

  2. With everything that’s now known, I can’t believe they’re still trying to force the vax on kids. Maybe the schools will catch on when their enrollment crashes even more.

  3. This will start happening in more school districts in the blue states since the CDC approved adding this to the list of vaccines students can be required to take for schools.

    All so they could remove liability from the manufacturers from their deadly vaccines.

    Nothing to do with helping the “children’ as Miss Ding Dong Nancy likes to say.

  4. Sue the living shit out of every school that mandated the suicide jab just as soon as one student mysteriously drops dead. That will make a few school districts open their eyes.

  5. better thought is to pull your kids out of Public Schools period. These schools do not teach anymore and if your child is lucky enough not to have the crap beat out of them then their reward is being taught about Trannies, how good the Democrats are and how beneficial an America Hating Teachers Union is….

    GET. OUT. NOW!


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