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NBC News Describes Bill Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky as ‘Alleged’

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[…]While interviewing Republican frontrunner Donald Trump Tuesday, “The Today’s Show’s” precious sunflower Savannah Guthrie described Clinton’s well-documented and admitted-to affair with Monica Lewinsky as “alleged.” Trump immediately jumped down her lying throat.  read more


20 Comments on NBC News Describes Bill Clinton’s Affair with Monica Lewinsky as ‘Alleged’

  1. So Bill’s DNA sample on the blew dress is alleged too? How bout the impeachment? Was that alleged too?

  2. Yeah. Don’t you just love it? Cain allegedly killed Abel. Charles Manson allegedly had Sharon Tate killed. The Japanese allegedly attacked Peril Harbor. Savannah Guthrie allegedly
    went to school..

  3. Al Sharpton allegedly hasn’t payed taxes since 1456.

  4. I don’t see what everybody’s upset about.
    NBC is an alleged news organization.

  5. The death rattle of an old, sick, alleged news organization.

    I hope it has Obamacare to hasten it along.

  6. When answering media questions about Hillary, I’d love it if the Republicans simply began every reply with, “Well, I think your candidate…”

  7. I vaguely recall that he WAS impeached, and he was impeached for lying under oath (about his affair) and also suborning perjury.

    He wasn’t impeached for getting hummers in the oval orifice, he was impeached for lying about it.

    And also Kenn Starr was so naive about such base topics, he didn’t even understand all that Bill and Lewinsky did.

  8. There is a whole generation of collidge kidz who think the Twin Towers were hit because Bush invaded Iraq. They have been even more cocooned from the truth about Bill Clinton. Savannah sounds like she might have been in that cocoon. I bet she’d say that Ted Kennedy allegedly left Mary Jo to drown in his car.

  9. Oh Cripes! They’re all the same — just trying to play gotcha with Trump and wetting their own britches in their ecstatic anticipation of getting the question out! I should have started keeping count of the number of times the horses’ asses in the media have had their sorry hats handed to them by Trump.

    Geoff C. said these exchanges between Trump and the media idiots reminds him of the scenes in “My Cousin Vinny” of Peschi and those guys at the bar who are trying to stiff him on the pool bet. They never fool Vinny.

  10. I loved how Trump corrected her right quick sand how she conceded. That’s worth watching at least 3 times.

  11. I’ve finally found something that will give meaning to my life in 2016.

    Watching Trump mop the floor with Shrillary’s sanitary pad.

    Then, making her eat it.

  12. Tromp does not miss a beat. He is too sharp for these fools. He picked that up immediately and pounced. Most of the fools would have never even heard her say it and correct herself.

    Gutter looked like she was about to cry. They just cant help themselves. However, they have clearly lost their bully confidence with Tromp. They still forge ahead but they are clearly taken down a few notches and they are much more cautious, flabergasted, and confused by him.

    I want to see the first one that breaks into tears. The first one to curse him out. They are outclassed by him. Its amazing to watch. No matter what anyone says or the outcome of his efforts, he has proven he is a genius in planning, tactics, instinct, and common sense. I guess that explains how he turned his fathers business into a 10 billion dollar empire.

  13. He made NBC’s “Chief Legal Analyst” eat the lawyer’s famous word “allegedly” in less that ten seconds.
    Go Donald Go. Eat ’em up, one at a time.

  14. I think our media is left wing………but I’m not sure.

  15. I don’t think women in their 70’s use a sanitary napkin.

    They use it for a different reason, but they use them.

  17. A sanitary pad is not the same thing as a sanitary napkin.

    I will be conducting a men’s consumer education class in the women’s products aisle of the CVS on Bronx River Road in Bronxville on New Year’s Day at noon. Be there or be square. Fur is exempted from attending. 🙂

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