Covert Mask Wearing

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  1. …I have worn them with a sharp cut under one of the folds and it works pretty good, but you HAVE to keep your head down when speaking or it gives the game away pretty quick…

  2. LOL! Saw one of a woman eating and drinking, too.

    Another trick is to always have a drink in your hand if you’re not wearing a mask outside (if your town has that assholish directive). A soda bottle, a slurpee cup, a bottle of Fireball… you know. Do what you like.

  3. If you wear glasses as I do this could be perfect. I can’t find any wiper blades on Amazon.

  4. Now that we are required I wear it under my nose. Not one person any place has said anything. I’ve gotten a couple double takes and some dirty looks but that is it. Not one Karen, no store employees, no one says anything and I am starting to see others do the same.

  5. last week our rino county mayor here in Tennessee ordered masks in stores I mostly ignore it, have had only a few stores request it. I bought a a softball mask (the kind the pitchers use to protect against line drives) I use that nobody has said a word to me about it or tried to stop me from entering the store with it.

  6. I’m generally hideous enough that they don’t ask me about a facemask. They’re more worried about watching my hunchback switch from side to side as it barks….

  7. Darn it. I will have to have someone make the modification for me. For some reason, they don’t allow me to have sharp objects 🙁

  8. How about if everybody starts using crutches to fight covid, they are just as effective as a mask. That is a scientific fact! OOPS!!!!

  9. I refuse to wear one. I decided recently since you can be excused from wearing one for medical reasons, that I’ll make that claim if someone asks me where my mask is. It’s illegal to ask what the medical reason is, and they don’t know that I’m highly allergic to bullshit.

  10. @Brown Eyed Girl

    Someone commented that if confronted say I’m exempt for medical reasons and conceal carry holders aren’t allowed to disguise themselves!

  11. I don’t wear one. Only 2 people have harassed me. Both on the same day.
    I don’t live with them so I don’t care. Not that I would care then either.

  12. I ordered a cheap beekeeper hood online (Less than $10 for two!) and I wear that to go shopping. No one has said a word to me about it.

  13. Wear a mask to poop. When you finish, then look in the mirror, it’s that stranger you see who stunk up the place.

  14. The heavy, rubber gas mask I was issued in the Air Force had a little switch on the side that flipped a little drinking tube to your lips. Just plug a canteen up to a hose connected to the mask and sip away. Once a year or so, we had a drill and were supposed to wear the masks for an eight hour stint without taking them off. I would find a place to hide out because breathing is important to me. I decided death from nerve gas was the better option if our base were attacked.

  15. The oddest looking ones are the guys I see with Duck Dynasty beards wearing blue mask floating atop the mass of face hair. Going into stores. They kind of look like small blue rafts in a sea storms tossed about at off angles.

    However, with all the air leaks, I’m sure they can breath easier than if they were clean shaven, or had short trimmed beards.

  16. Wore the giant chicken head mask to the store. Got my picture taken.

    Most culturally interesting aspect is the response from Mesikins. Normally they’re quiet, keep to themselves, etc… the loudest laughs and most animated responses are from these people. Something about chickens in their culture I guess.. also, Mesikins don’t say buk buk buk when imitating a chicken. They say wak wak wak.

    Key point to remember when posing for pictures with Mesikins while wearing a giant chicken head mask.

  17. oh my…..

    I still must say that the comments section on this website is by far the best when it comes to smart-ass responses and outrageous scenario’s that they share.

    I laughed my ass off reading all the creative mask wearing people showing just how stupid the shamdemic diktats are, but when I got to the chicken head mask from Aaron Burr i laughed so hard I cried and then fell out of my chair.

    Thanks again Big Fur Hat for this wonderful site!


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