Covfefe at the Preakness

Watch the first 1:39 of the video and pay attention to who wins.

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  1. Corky, BINGO! It almost felt like election night all over again!

    Different Tim, from your keyboard to God’s ear!

  2. Hmmm…I’ve always pronounced it like “cove-Fifi”. I’ll have to look up the correct pronunciation in my Official Guide to Trolling Trumpisms (unabridged version).


  3. Robert Francis o’Rourke has a horse face.
    Pete Buttigieg rides side saddle.
    Joe Biden is simply a horse’s ass who thinks he’s been put out to stud.
    Elizabeth Warren wears too much head gear and shoots arrows into the crowd.
    Bernie Sanders is an animal rights activist who refuses to participate.

    OK. That’s 5 of the 25 running as democrats and i’m getting drowsy. So are you.
    Fun video.

  4. So excellent, Miss Preakness.

    (In Preakness proper, kudos to Pony Express’s riderless run and Maximum Security’s try.)

    (By the way… would it be sexist to not allow transgender horses run against the fillies?)


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