COVID-19, foremost, is destroying leftist theories


All the things leftists have advocated have only made us more vulnerable to epidemic disease.  Now, in a supreme irony, there’s a possibility that one of the things they most hate — tobacco — will ride to the rescue.

COVID-19, in many ways, may prove to be the undoing of leftism.  Here’s a short list of all the leftist ideas that are taking a beating thanks to the pandemic:

Globalism: It turns out that interconnectedness is dangerous and that international organizations, such as the WHO, are intellectually corrupt and in thrall to totalitarian governments.

Open Borders: Countries around the world, including those within the European Schengen zone, are slamming their borders shut.  Even Mexico again wants a working border with the United States.

Global Warming: The virus seems vulnerable to warmer, wetter climates, which is what we’d have more of if global warming were actually a thing.

Urbanization: Contrary to the leftist desire to pack people into cities (ostensibly to beat climate change but, in fact, to increase population control), dense urban areas are Petri dishes for COVID-19.

Public Transportation: For decades, the left has waged war against the comfort and convenience of cars because cars are not green.  Cars may not be green, but they are clean, unlike public transportation, AKA a Petri dish on wheels.

Re-usable Bags: I’ve long called them Salmonella Sacks because using them drastically increases the spread of E. coli and salmonella.  It turns out that the plastic bags that leftist governments all over America are banning (because Africa and Asia put them into rivers and oceans) are safer in pandemics.

China: Democrats screamed when Trump tried to decrease our dependence on China.  He was correct to do so.  Not only did China’s Belt and Road project seed COVID-19 all over the world, but China’s also sitting on most of the world’s drug manufacturing. Yikes!

Now read how tobacco might contain the vaccine for COVID-19

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  1. Sure am glad I have a STRAW to put in my drink the waiter/restaurant just brought to me…JUST SAYIN…

  2. I made this point a week ago, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    Many Marxist principals are taking a beating from the Kung flu.

    It has hit Marxist enclaves the hardest due to their poor hygiene, urban density, and high homeless populations.

    It has reinforced the need for American to be family oriented, faith oriented, and independent.

    It has given everyone a taste of State and Federal power over every aspect of our lives.

    It has completely obliterated the pseudo importance and social status of actors and athletes as cultural arbiters

    It has closed boarders and made active deportations non-controversial.

    It will end the dream of global hegemony of the world elite.

    It will end the EU, the WHO, the Iranian mullahs, and neuter the UN.

    It will end the central banks and FED through bankruptcy by depleting their balance sheets at 0 interest.

    It will end the Petro-dollsr economy and restore fiat currency on a modified gold standard.

    Millions of guns have been purchased by previous non gun owners.

    Our vital health care, medical devices and pharmaceutical industries will be repatriated from overseas.

    Every state will have adequate stockpiles to mitigate future bio warfare attempts.

    Obamacare will be replaced whole cloth and most if it’s asinine regulations are already waived due to the emergency.

    It serves to illustrate the smallness, pettiness, and selfish agenda of Demonrats in a time of national crisis.

    It proves the utter lack of awareness, competence and mental incapacity of Pedo Joe on a daily basis in comparison to PDJT while highlighting the incompetence of the Great Depleter to restock the nation’s stockpiles.

    It proves the utter insanity of mass transportation and environmental restrictions on daily living.

    It highlights the strength of capitalism and our mass distribution infrastructure to save us during a criss while demonstrating all the evils and inadequacy of Marxism.

    Millions of independents and even some current Demonrars are beginning to see the pure unfettered and satanic hatred of the media mafia and Demonrat party have for the nation as the root for mass death and failure of America to respond to the crisis.

    Elective abortions are being prohibited and inhibited by this pandemic saving millions of lives worldwide while demonstrating the hypocrisy of Demonrats who are shrieking about preserving life while advocating death to children.

    I could go on but hopefully these truths will show God’s hand redirecting a sinful nation and the current Satanic possession of our world and culture.

  3. I don’t think the Left -their high command, their Senior Partners as such- really cares about it, what they really care about is exerting control over the people and how they are allowed to live. Anything they are losing on previous control measures is being more than made up for with their new pandemic panic created measures.

    Ask yourself, are you becoming more free from the Leftist agenda that wants to control your life or are you finding yourself with less freedom and less ability to decide on your own lifestyle and actions for yourself?

    Do you have more (personal or business) freedom now than you did last year at this time or less?

    Don’t be distracted by purposefully divisive political issues, be aware of that is really happening.

  4. Anon is right.
    Even Right of Center leaders are not immune to the Siren-Song of power that is being presented to them.
    Stay vigilant.

  5. Nothing new. Leftist theory put into practice. Has always destroyed leftist theory.

    However, many people refuse to learn from the past. A few days ago I was researching Soviet Russia magnetic compasses. I stumbled upon a website – ” (Something) Compass “. It was some group with the goal to return Russia to being a soviet socialists republic. You can’t fix stupid.


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