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Covid Authoritarian Suggests ‘Amnesty’ Now That the Truth is Coming Out

Zero Hedge-

The Atlantic has come under fire for suggesting that all the terrible pandemic-era decisions over lockdowns, school closures, masking, and punishing an entire class of people who questioned the efficacy and wisdom of taking a rushed, experimental vaccine – for a virus with a 99% survival rate in most, should all be water under the bridge.

We need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID,” writes Brown Professor Emily Oster – a huge lockdown proponent, who now pleads from mercy from the once-shunned.

“Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty, and then try to work together to build back and move forward,” she continues.

Except, they weren’t “in the dark” about Covid.  There were numerous sources pointing out the actual science that ran contrary to the mandate claims, and they were deliberately silenced by a vast media campaign.  Evidence suggests that media platforms worked in tandem with Big Tech, the CDC and the Biden Administration.  It was not a simple matter of overreaction, there was collusion to remove all counter-information.  

Nice try, Emily.

As the Daily Sceptic‘s Michael P. Senger puts it: “There’s a lot wrong here. First, no, you don’t get to advocate policies that do extraordinary harm to others, against their wishes, then say, “We didn’t know any better at the time!” Ignorance doesn’t work as an excuse when the policies involved abrogating your fellow citizens’ rights under an indefinite state of emergency, while censoring and cancelling those who weren’t as ignorant. The inevitable result would be a society in which ignorance and obedience to the opinion of the mob would be the only safe position.”


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  1. “forgive one another”
    You bet ya, right after Nuremberg Trials 2.

  2. I think not. Public hangings are not out of the question.

  3. The wall of lies must be cracking and ready to fall down.
    And right after Musk bought twitter! Amnesty, amnesty please.

  4. These PIGS went around committing the crime of Satan.
    ( Pretending to be G-D and arrogating the
    prerogatives of Deity )

    They think they should be forgiven?
    Methinks NOT.

    They say we should forgive each other when
    there is no need to forgive their victims.

    This is arrogant malfeasance to the nth degree.

    These PIGS must be punished and punished severely

    OR this will happen again !

  5. Lucy promises to hold the ball now.
    Kick away suckers!

  6. Let God forgive them.
    I have a long memory.

  7. She and the rest of the authorities and pundits “made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty” –AND IMPOSED THEM ON THE REST OF US which cost my sister her job and my brother his life.

    She’s only asking for amnesty, not even forgiveness. There’s no “mea culpa” here, just an “oops, oh well.” And she still has her job! So: hell no; I want accountability and reparations.

  8. They need to know that they are not dealing with RINO politicians this time. They are dealing with people who had to deal with their lies.

    As Cmnccguy indicated earlier, I hear Nuremberg is lovely this time of year.

  9. “I say, People of America, unvaxxed, vaxx injured, and who have lost loved ones to the vaxx: shall we have peace and friendship, you and I? It is ours to command.”
    “We will have peace,” said those patriots at last thickly and with an effort. Several of the RINOs cried out gladly. Patriot held up his hand. “Yes, we will have peace,” he said now in a clear voice, “we will have peace, when you and all your works have perished–and the works of your dark master to whom you would deliver us. You are a liar, Atlantic, and a corrupter a men’s hearts. You hold out your hand it to me, and I perceive only a finger of the claw of Fauci. Cruel and cold! Even if your war on me was just–as it was not, for were you ten times as wise you would have no right to rule me and mine for your own profit as you desired–even so, what will you say of your poisonings around the and the children that lie dead and you CONTINUE to send to slaughter? And they poisoned many bodies because Bill Gates, af
    wanted us all dead. When you hang from a gibbet at your window for the sport of your own crows, I will have peace with you and Democrats. So much for the People of America. Lesser sons of great sires are we, but we do not need to lick your fingers. Turn elsewhither. But I fear your voice has lost its charm.”
    -Apologies to J. R. R. Tolkien

  10. “Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty…”

    My government, my church, my hospital, many many doctors LIED. And when questioned, LIED BELIGERENTLY !!!

    My mother raised me on “the captain shows who he is in the storm.” All these people, LIED, would not listen to reason, HID behind their lies about “the SCIENCE”, AND WORST OF ALL PROFETEERED ON THE BACK OF THEIR LIES.

    I will NEVER forgive them, because they are NOT contrite and they can never undo the historic CRIMES that they committed WILLFULLY.

  11. “Let’s acknowledge that we made complicated choices in the face of deep uncertainty”.

    I was able to make the correct choice simply by reading articles freely and easily available on the internet. You morons choose to follow stupid and evil people instead. Stop watching the View and getting news from the MSM.

  12. OK, now that I’ve gotten the obligatory literary plagerism out of my system, permit me to get real for just a moment.

    Right now, this very now, I know of a young man who was one of our warriors, a pilot and fit as could be and subject to constant medical scrutiny as such, who is fighting for his life. I don’t know who noticed Cisco Kid’s comments on this subject or his miraculous salvation only by the glory of God, but this young man shouldn’t BE here. He was FORCED into it by an overweening goverment who not ONLY failed to protect the lives of those pledged to protect THEM, but REQUIRED them ALL to be poisoned or removed as some kind of murderous political litmus test.

    Well, there that young man lies still, attended by his wife, who HAD TO SAVE HIS LIFE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

    Do you know what that’s like, folks? DO YOU? Some of you, maybe, have had this experience. I myself have had to save my own SON’S life TWICE, ONCE IN THE FUCKING INCOMPETENT HOSPITAL! This is a TERRIFYING experience and it is EXTERELY hard to detach yourself enough to FUNCTION, let alone function WELL, and God bless that woman for what must have seemed and ETERNITY of compressing her husbands strong, resistant chest well enough to restore him to life until the ambulance could get there and take the fight to the next level. I’ve been on THAT end of it too, where we were required to live in the district we served, and it was a PRINCIPLE that if at all possible you DO NOT TREAT FAMILY but leave it to your Squad brothers and sisters because it’s MUCH different when the chest you’re compressing is MOM’S.


    …and he is not alone. Many in the service have similar stories to tell, and many don’t GET told because they will get in trouble. STILL.

    And you don’t have to be in the armed services. The heavy hand of Democrat filth bore on us ALL. I, too, was scared at the beginning of this. I was NOT an anti-vaccine person, I had all my childhood vaccines, had MY child vaccinated, had EXTRA vaccines when I was in the fire service, and I REALLY did not want to believe my government would try to kill me, as most do. I was reluctant ONLY because I know something of the process involved in a new medicine from long nights with the PDR, and it CLEARLY wasn’t being followed in this case. Plus, I am a programmer who learned to NEVER trust Version 1.0 of ANYTHING, and also I was exposed early on and never got sick, and I have a strong constitution besides (having been exposed to a world of REAL diseases), and so I and mine did not take this poison, which my employer did NOT want to force but would have HAD to if some blessed person hadn’t got a court ruling against the Pedophile to STOP the last stage of his mandate insanity.

    Thank GOD.

    I have since – PERSONALLY – in a VERY small (~500 person) group of mostly YOUNG people who HAD TO HAVE A PHYSICAL TO EVEN BE HERE, as an Industrial First Responder have had to intervene SIX TIMES for young people having cardiac issues, TWICE with full CPR and AED deployment, one death of a 19 year old, one miscarriage, and YOUNG people in their 20s presenting with old people problems like angina and even petit mal seizures that they didn’t HAVE before, ALL SINCE 2021 WHEN THERE WERE NO YOUNG PEOPLE BEFORE. And those are just the ones I PERSONALLY had to attend to, more have been lost at home, on the way in (in one case dying in his car and hitting other people which would have been MUCH worse if his paniced passenger hadn’t siezed the wheel), and on shifts I am not on to attend to them.



    So, Ms. Atlantic mouthpiece, what say you to THEM? What compense do you offer THEM? The grandmother who’s grandson went to work one day to earn money for her and set some aside to study to be an electrical engineer, who was a fit and healthy basketball player before he dosed with the travesty YOU supported, WHAT THE FUCK CAN YOU DO FOR HER? For that lost BABY, died in the womb as his mother thrashed in pain on a shitty concrete floor? HOW DO YOU PROPOSE TO MAKE THAT RIGHT?

    What DO you propose?


    You do not even have the decency to proffer an APOLOGY, just some mealymouth bullshit about letting bygones be bygones while you ardently advocated for the FUCKING FEDERAL GOVERMENT TO MAKE POISONED MEDICAL SLAVES WITH ZERO BODILY AUTONOMY OF US ALL!

    You won’t EvEN back of the CHILDREN. Not EVEN NOW.


    Even though you know NOTHING about what this will do.

    Will it clog their veins? Plenty of evidence it WILL. Do you CARE, NO.
    Will it sterilize them? YOU DON”T KNOW. NO STUDIES HAVE BEEN DONE,
    Will it cause mutations? Cancers? Make medical cripples of them? YOU DON’T KNOW. NO LONG TERM STUDIES EXIST OR CAN EXIST.

    But you choose to call for the CONTINUED poisoning of an age cohort that ISN’T EVEN SUCEPTIBLE TO THE ALLEGED VIRUS.

    And you fucking KNOW it.

    …but you want everyone to do what you – THINK – Christians are required to do by faith, just forgive you and move on.

    It doesn’t WORK that way.

    Forgiveness can’t really be GIVEN unless it is ASKED for. You do not do that. You still maintain you’ve done nothing wrong.

    Forgiveness can’t really be GIVEN unless the offender is SINCERE in their request for it. You STILL push this poison, so that isn’t YOU.

    Forgiveness can’t really be GIVEN unless some atonement is made, to man, to God, to both concerning the offending act. You offer NOTHING.

    Forgiveness can’t really be GIVEN unless an act is REPENTED. You do nothing of a KIND, you just try to justify and carry on.


    …noo, it is NOT time to turn the other cheek to you, to ignore your attempted genocide, your slaughter of the innocents, your ONGOING attempts to neuter entire populations that you may replace them with ones you think will more easily bend to your will.

    And all of this BEFORE I get to the BILLIONS of people who have been fired, unhoused, left unable to support their families to starve, locked out of society to the full extent you could do so for no reason OTHER than they questioned your now demostrably bad “soience” and your Cult of personality among so-called “Doctors” WHO HAVE MURDERED BEFORE, even as you destroyed the trust in the instutution of medicine FOR THE FORSEEABLE FUTURE?

    No, we will NOT be letting bygones be bygones. No, you will NOT just ease away and be allowed to try another day.

    There WILL be expiation. There WILL be a reckoning. You WILL be answerable for this, not just in Heaven but on this earth as well.

    A day will come when you will wish you had never been born, you and ALL who tortured and murdered to advance your political goals AND STILL DO.

    I will not speak to the shape of that reckoning, its time, or its manner, as I do not know and have nothing I will discuss of it for myself, no action nor plan of mine to bring anything, good or evil, to bear on this. I am just a humble comedian caught in the tides of times you see, a historian who knows how history repeats when tyranny becomes too great. Your reckoning will not come from MY hand, but it WILL come, as it has before, and as it will again. Absent the intervention of the Lord, the affairs of men ALWAYS repeat, and you’re not going to like it when we get to the “fall of tyranny” portion of the program.

    And if the Lord DOES intervene, you can be SURE it won’t be to YOUR benefit. I cannot quote him here as I have used foul language, but if it does not burn you to do so I would advise you to pick up HIS Book and repent. Throw yourself on His Mercy with a contrite heart, and He may grant it.

    The last words you are likely to hear on this Earth when your butcher’s bill comes due may well be “May God have mercy on your soul”.

    And perhaps He will.

    But you have earned nothing on this Earth but to be sent to Him to apply for it.

    Repent. Not here, not to me, but to Him for what You have done to his children.


    While you can.

  13. “We need to forgive one another for what we did…”

    Fuck your royal we right into your Goddamn ear. Furthermore, there is absolutely no reason nor rationale to forgive some son of an unrepentant bitch who would do the same exact thing again. Any apology is nullified unless and until an honest and sincere effort is made to a) right the wrong and b) not do the same thing again.

    Forgive me if I tell you to Fuck the fucking hell off.

  14. People weren’t allowed to see their aged relatives in the hospital or nursing homes; many ended up dying alone and the funerals were canceled.

  15. They won’t live in my mind for any time but now we know for a fact the people who have Communist/ tyrannical leanings. So thanks for that.

  16. SNS said it best. And now the short version:

    Many people have acted to hurt or kill you. The government is not your friend. The government Doctor is not your friend. Your government spokesman (big business, media, university) is not your friend. The toady who paraded in mask is not your friend.

    The people on each side of the line between good and evil have been clearly identified. For justice to occur, all the people on the side of evil in this last 2 year journey should be sent home. We will probably have to downsize a lot just to have enough people to fill the remaining positions.

    Remember: “We have a pandemic of the UNVACCINATED.” Uh Huh.

  17. NO! I do not forgive and I do not forget. These same demons who did this to us will do it again. The first time around was a test, the second time won’t be, you will submit. F you, no I won’t. I will double down.

  18. Wild Bill November 1, 2022 at 1:32 pm

    People weren’t allowed to see their aged relatives in the hospital or nursing homes; many ended up dying alone and the funerals were canceled.

    I didn’t get to say goodbye to my mother. I will never forgive them for what they did. We had a funeral, just not the one she wanted.

  19. Fuck that; heavy retribution is the only way to make sure they don’t come back.

  20. God, since I can’t get them all.
    Please slay my enemies.

  21. Goldenfoxx, so sorry to hear about your mother.

    My mom passed away in July. She died indirectly from Covid-19; she was 88 with COPD and she was deadly afraid of going to the doctors or the hospital, to the point of further damaging her health (the last time she was in the hospital she contracted pneumonia).

  22. Two and a half years solitary confinement for anyone who lied about or knowingly repeated a lie about the disease, its treatments, or any of its unsafe and ineffective “vaccines.”

  23. GOP amnesty for the traitorous Confederates and slave owners is what created the Democrat Party.

  24. Fornication upon thee, and upon the horse in upon which thou didst ride.
    When thou returnest to thine kennel, may thy mother turn and bite thee.

  25. I’ll forgive them, just as soon as they get through the wood chipper.

  26. We the people are indeed pissed and want punishment for those insanely evil covid pricks. Unfortunately the majority of our elected Republican representatives and senators are spineless RINOs that won’t do a damn thing about it.

  27. May God have mercy on your souls for we certainly shall not. For you only the forgiveness, the amnesty, of the grave. You used and are still using your position and credentials to injure and kill innocents to further your own perverted interest. May you be smitten with a terrible vengeance and you and all your spawn be thrown into the fiery abyss. Then we can do the amnesty part!

  28. No. This shambolic display of government overreach & lust for power will not be forgiven nor forgotten. If I was in Fauci’s shoes, I would be thinking of a quiet place with no extradition laws. Along with the rest of the cabal that was for the shutting down of the world for a fucking cold.

  29. My FN identifies as “Foregiveness” and fires amnesty blessings.


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