Covid is Theater and Optics, Nothing Scientific At All

NationalPost– The two events pictured were only two days apart. The masked one on the left is in a community with an 84 per cent rate of full vaccination among residents 12 or older. The maskless one on the right is in a country where rates of full vaccination have never topped 50 per cent.


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  1. Back in 2018 2.9 million people died of Influenza and Pneumonia

    In 2020 there was a 98% decline in influenza cases.
    In 2020 2.8 million “died of COVID”

    Now, surprise! the Flu is coming back.

    It’s really not that hard figure out what happened… especially when people were dying of accidents, gun shots and knifings and getting chalked up as COVID deaths.

    Figures lie and Liars figure!

  2. “Trudeau has himself received three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.”


    Looks a lot like saline, tho, can’t tell the difference on tee vee…

  3. Muthafucka would fuck his own mutha.
    Fuck the muthafucka.
    Muthafucka is fucked.

    (Can I say all that?)

  4. I don’t think any of the vaccine pushers have gotten the real poison jab. They’re up to no good killing us sheep.

  5. Testing…Mic Test!…Testing, testing………….The sense of humor has died in this Country. A very bad omen.

    See ya. Nice knowing ya. It was a good ride while it lasted.

  6. Turd Boy met the Queen of England 2 weeks ago without a mask but was wearing one 1 day earlier in canukistan.

    Fuck Him!

  7. Loved the TV news today showing pro-abortion protestors in Madison shouting ‘hands off my body’ while wearing useless face masks.

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