Covid Just Got MERCKier

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  1. I’d like to get the IOWN crowd’s thoughts on this theory. I’m not saying this whole Covid scam might be a population control test, but I had this thought the other day. I think it can be described as Occum’s razor (not sure of the spelling). It is also something Rush always said, which is; “Follow the money”. I honestly believe this is not a deep population control issue, it is simply a mega-money making scheme. Release a virus on the planet, and then swoop in with the “cure”. People die from the vaccine, so what, the pharm companies and the politicians are making millions, what’s a little collateral damage? Release variants every six months or so, more vaccine, more deaths, they’re rolling in dough and it’s like a money machine.
    Am I way off?

  2. Satan recruits his minions.
    His recruitment tools include wealth/greed, fame/prestige, and salacious sex.

    Woe unto them who are seduced by him.

  3. I used to think that the long list of side effects which accompany every drug ad was just a legal requirement because test subjects experience one or more side of those things during long and rigorous testing, correlation did not equal causation. I no longer hold that opinion. I now believe big pharma doesn’t test anything worth a damn, doesn’t care about death and injury and factors future legal fees into drug cost. I f I can help it, I will never take anything beyond the occasional aspirin or antacid.

    And SNS, every drug name big pharma comes up with sounds like a demon conjure to me, like something out of the Old Testament or Sumerian legends. They sometimes sound ridiculous, but they all give me the creeps.

  4. @nco77, I think it’s the fulfillment of a progressive dream and money and population reduction are the basis.

    Progressives are maniacally concerned about shortages. Not enough clean water, not enough clean air, enough oil (energy), enough healthcare, enough affordable housing, not enough wealth to go around (they think it’s finite, that wealth cannot be created), the list goes on with all the claptrap we hear from them pretty much daily. They are also obsessed with creating a “perfect” society, a utopian world.

    They have the answer to it all and it’s spelled COVID-19. Hype up a virus with a huge degree of survivability, (better than even the seasonal flu) and the means then exist to control the population of the world.

    The “vaccine” kills off a segment of the population, we know this. That helps with practically everything they wish to achieve. It also reduces future populations (read the data about miscarriages after being “vaccinated”).

    Fewer people means more resources for those left. Big Pharma getting rich is a very big bonus. We know that progressives like to divert tax dollars to companies that will “give back”. It’s a revolving door of money. Take from the populace, filter it through the government, distribute it to corps and entities friendly to their cause and a portion comes back to the government and more importantly, to those that make the cogs of government mesh.

    The rub in COVID is that they can’t control who dies off. This is why we should be very concerned. Australia is putting those that won’t conform in camps. I’m certain that they probably didn’t think that that could ever happen to them.

    Communism requires complete and total subservience of the population. Those that won’t go along are first marginalized, then dehumanized and ultimately they must be eliminated. Where on that scale of progression are we now?

    Never let a crisis go to waste.

  5. It isn’t just about making money it is about making repeat customers by destroying people’s health. If they just wanted to make money they could pump out saline shots, keep up the fear campaign and keep cashing in. Instead they are giving toxic spike protein shots and repurposing horrible drugs that cause death and debilitating side effects llike remdeservir and now this. As stated the Merck drug is mutagenic. Viruses are not separate from the cells they inhabit thus your cell will be mutated as well and that leads to cancer, birth defects and other issues.

  6. mystaclean, you have made a very good assessment of what’s going on. I would add that the reason “these people” (who are organizing and implementing the plan they have been working on for decades) are doing this is to obey their master. Since they sold their souls to him, he has filled them with his desire to rule the world.

    God has allowed Satan to rule this world within certain boundaries. Because Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit, we have power to pray and when it’s in God’s will, he will answer. We have the power to do his will which is good, beautiful and righteous. Therefore, Satan can only do certain things.

    He has total control of the people who have given themselves to him and he is working to destroy all good – because he hates God and wants to rule in his stead. He knows he can’t, but he will keep as many souls away from God as he can. Then he can rule in Hell.

    But he doesn’t know that God has different plans for him and everyone in Hell. What that is, I don’t know. But I do know that if people think they will have their friends in Hell with them, think again. Think of the worst thing you can imagine living like. It will be worse.

    Ok, I’ll now pass the offering plate. Hey, wait! Come back here! 😁

  7. “The policy of the American government is to leave their citizens free, neither restraining nor aiding them in their pursuits.”
    – Thomas Jefferson

  8. The long-compromised big pharma and their collaborating conspirators engaging yet another money-making profit scam which puts those nigerian scammer-schemers-phishers to shame.


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