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COVID Kills RNC Convention In Jacksonville, Dems Still Set To Hold “Virtual” Convention In Milwaukee

Washington Examiner

After months of public feuding, multiple venue changes in different states, and increasing panic within his administration about the sheer logistics of planning a much-hyped national convention, President Trump kicked off Thursday’s press conference with the announcement that the in-person component of the 2020 Republican National Convention is effectively canceled.

“To have a big convention, it’s not the right time,” Trump said, citing a spike in coronavirus cases in Florida. “I told my team it’s time to cancel the Jacksonville component.” More

Detroit Free Press

Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez reaffirmed late Thursday that his party will hold its national convention next month in Milwaukee.

Perez’s statement came in the wake of President Donald Trump pulling the plug on the Jacksonville, Florida portion of the GOP convention. Trump cited the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for the abrupt reversal.

Republican delegates will gather where they originally planned, in Charlotte, N.C., for official business, including the renomination of the president.

Democrats will hold a mostly virtual event, Aug. 17-20. Delegates will vote remotely. Joe Biden has said he intends to accept the nomination in Milwaukee. More

8 Comments on COVID Kills RNC Convention In Jacksonville, Dems Still Set To Hold “Virtual” Convention In Milwaukee

  1. A local friend, a lurker here, called and and reminded me that sometime last year I had prophesied herein that the Democrats would find some way to justify having a virtual Nominating Convention. That there was no way they would risk another 1968 fiasco. He ask me if I knew how he could do a search of the site. I remember that post, but don’t remember what the topic I posted it under or anything else about it.

  2. The Wuhan Flu Hoax will go down in History as one of the more despicable Hoaxes played on the World.

    That a seasonal flu could be so exaggerated as to cause economic disaster all across the Globe is a testament to the incredible power of propaganda – and as a testament to human gullibility and incredulity. The American Bison has nothing on us – we’re more than ready to charge over the cliff at the slightest provocation.

    Lemmings. Fear of the unknown is a terrible thing.
    Maliciously sowing fear of the exaggeratedly unknown is criminal (immoral if not criminal).

    Using the temporary insanity to initiate a Wiemar-like political chaos should be exposing the hand of the nihilists to everyone’s view – but we hunker down and pretend along with media that we’re watching some weird continuous flow of events that have nothing to do with political machinations.
    Wobbles the mind.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I still think the democRAT “convention” will be a virtual shit-show!

  4. “The Wuhan Flu Hoax will go down in History as one of the more despicable Hoaxes played on the World.”

    The Wuhan Flu Hoax is just the initial is (actually was) just the first step a much larger operation that is getting ready to be sprung on the world, it’s just the start of it. It is intended to establish specific individual and collective psychological conditions among the world populace, and those conditions are to be used to lead us to a different place than the one where we’ve been since our earliest days when we were created as a social being.

  5. democrats cannot have a live convention….

    imagine the riots at that convention now compared to the 68 convention…

    they cannot let biden speak in front of live tv cameras….

    they cannot have people present when they pull their bait and switch of the nominee…

    and they know we know it…..

  6. On occasion I stream a local Jacksonville station and it was pretty obvious that the mayor did not want Trump there at all. There have been constant statements saying that he did not think it would be safe, or feasible to have any RNC events there. Finally, the RNC pulled the plug on Jacksonville. It only makes sense. You just do not go to a place where you are obviously not wanted. It is not Covid or any risk that caused this. It was the open hostility of the city’s leader that drove the event out of town.

  7. I want to see Biden speak live on national television in front of millions of viewers. I want to see Trump and Biden together in debates. This business of Joe Biden running a campaign for President from his basement is bullshit; Americans deserve to see this candidate set out and defend his political positions, and make a judgment on his mental competency.

    We have already seen Trump speak at a couple of rallies, and Trump is eager to get back to doing what he does best – speak to thousands of people live at an event. I want the opportunity to compare Trump thinking on his feet and articulating a response or position versus Biden thinking on his feet and articulating a response or position.

  8. Extend Trump’s term and postpone the vote until nine months after the end of the COVID farce in order to allow for a regular campaign and vote. By COB Monday every Goddamned Democrat Governor in the country will have been on television announcing that a miracle of Biblical proportions took place between today and Monday morning.

    Killer flu gone, decamped under cloak of darkness and left not a trace behind.


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