COVID Panic Sends Orphaned And Injured Fawns Into Hands Of WI DNR (Which Euthanizes Them) – IOTW Report

COVID Panic Sends Orphaned And Injured Fawns Into Hands Of WI DNR (Which Euthanizes Them)

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MADISON — Another Evers administration foul-up is forcing fawns to be euthanized through another extreme COVID-19 prevention policy.

The Department of Natural Resources rolled out stringent protocols for wildlife rehabilitation centers just days before the late spring birthing season. That left most rehab facilities unable to meet the COVID-19 biohazard requirements in time to take in injured and orphaned fawn. So, many young deer have had to be destroyed.

“They could have given a lot more advance notice. We weren’t notified until May,” said Mark Naniot, director of rehabilitation at Wild Instincts, a wildlife care center in Rhinelander.

In fact, Wild Instincts appears to be one of only two such rehabbers able to meet the protocols. It’s set up to serve a 20-county area with enclosures for 16 fawns. The facility hit its max capacity for the first time in 11 years. More

20 Comments on COVID Panic Sends Orphaned And Injured Fawns Into Hands Of WI DNR (Which Euthanizes Them)

  1. I read it three times and it still doesn’t make sense.

    I give up.

  2. Uncle Al ʘ
    JULY 4, 2021 AT 10:05 PM
    “Bambi meets the govt Godzilla.”

    …just so the young ‘uns can understand Uncle Al’s reference…

    (Its a slow build, give it 2 minutes…)

  3. I’m on over 50 acres in central TX and came across a deer yesterday alone, I think she was starting to birth, her behavior was such. Now about a week plus out of season. We had the crazy week long freeze in Feb.- everything is really weird this year, the deer births, the bugs – massive caterpillar overage, no crickets, scorpions just starting. Very crazy times.

  4. Ever watch ‘Lone Star Law’? The game warden, Mike Boone, on that show is my local GW. Spring of last year, three red-tailed hawk chicks were blown from a tree on my property during a wind storm and I called him in hopes of getting them to a rehab center. He told me to just let them parish as the rehab centers were swamped and the Chicom Fever had them on a reduced workload. I ended up rescuing two of the three chicks and built them a nesting box and placed them into it. The mom found them and although one didn’t make it, she raised the other and it grew up and eventually flew away to start a life of his own.

  5. SNS, that still is a great short and to the point animated classic cartoon that is still as funny as when I first saw it back in the 70’s. My son moved yesterday into a newer house that is on the edge of a wooded hillside just on the far edges of NW Spokane that is full of abundant wildlife. Last night they saw a 4 point buck deer just on the other side of his fence and 4 big Tom turkeys in his large fenced in back yard which were chased off by his dog and this morning when I went over to help him return the U Haul truck there were 2 quail sitting on top of his fence. It even has a large pine tree with a tire swing and is going to be a great place for my grandkids to grow up.

  6. geoff the aardvark
    JULY 4, 2021 AT 10:31 PM

    “My son moved yesterday into a newer house that is on the edge of a wooded hillside just on the far edges of NW Spokane that is full of abundant wildlife.”

    …I just recently moved out to a more country setting myself, and I’m finding the wildlife is something of a mixed blessing. They’re pretty, but the deer will eat your garden, and the 50 MPH road down the hill that I have to take every morning is always lined with doe eyes, almost like they’re daring each other to try to make it. One morning a deer ran PARALLEL to my car and hit the rear quarter panel when she swerved like she WANTED to pick a fight or something.

    Unsurprisingly, a lot of does are used up by that road, leaving the fauns alone. We found one in our creek, but it run off on its own. We heard one screaming one night on my neighbors property, and they watched it for a day to see if mama would come back, but she never did. They tried to nurse it (he raises horses), but it died.

    And sometimes you hear the coyotes pack up and get one.

    So yes, they will get to enjoy the beauty of natural life.

    But that comes with the endings of life as well.

    …which, honestly, is a lesson the kids DO need to learn…

  7. What a waste of good meat/wildlife/god’s Creatures

    To be clear, I am not being a smart ass. Those animals had a real purpose. They could have lived, fed someone, or another animal.

  8. @geoff the aardvark JULY 4, 2021 AT 10:31 PM
    “… is going to be a great place for my grandkids to grow up.”

    Except it is in the communist state of Washington. 🙁

  9. Sippin’ Coffee, it’s the same in my neck of the woods.

  10. They don’t rehabilitate orphaned or injured deer in my area. There are no state or federal facilities that will do it, and what few private rehab centers there are won’t take them in, because it’s against the law. Even the vets won’t help. Found one little guy about six months old last winter while I driving in to work — he’d been hit by a car and was lying in a ditch in the rain with a shattered hind leg, but was still conscious and trying to move. Drove around for hours to various shelters and vet offices with him on my passenger seat, wrapped in my jacket with his head on my lap, trying to get him some help, but no luck. I was speeding down the highway halfway to the last shelter within driving distance when they called to say they couldn’t take him. I hung up and was about to take him home and try to rehab him myself when he suddenly had a seizure and died in my arms while I was still parked on the side of the road. I’m not angry that he died — he was more badly injured than I realized and it was probably going to happen anyway — but I’m furious at the stupidity and callousness and cowardice of the people who wouldn’t do a damn thing to at least ease his suffering.

  11. So…..if there was no DNR is Wisconsin, all those Government employees wouldn’t be sucking off the peoples teat….and all those deer they put down would have died naturally in the wild….at no cost to the taxpayer.

    Wrongthink is so sexy.

  12. If I were a betting man…I would bet my next paycheck that not one it ten were orphaned in the first place. People need to leave fawns be, normally the mother has left them somewhere for a short while and will be back for them.

  13. SNS, Skippy and Slappy the squirrels were funny and Bumbi’s mom being blasted was funny as hell, my kids loved it and still talk about it. Animaniacs was almost as subversive and funny as Looney Tunes were for my kids generation. Yakko, Wakko and Dot (Polka dot, where she would break into a polka was always funny) but Good Idea, Bad idea with Tom Bodett voicing a skeleton was my favorite. And the Slappy the squirrel and her nephew Skippy episode where they parodied Abbott and Costello’s immortal Who’s On First routine. Who’s the band on the stage, Who, Yes, it’s Who… And the one about Mozart and the pianist, you know where that’s leading of course.

  14. Murderous inhuman politicians need to be put down first.

  15. there are starving homeless in Wisconsin who would love some venison. What a wast of good meat


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