COVID physician suing hospital ‘to bring medicine back to doctors’

WND: A physician and medical researcher who is suing his Virginia hospital for preventing him from treating COVID-19 patients with effective drugs that have become politically charged said his effort is on behalf of physicians across the United States and around the world whose relationship with their patients has been sabotaged.

Dr. Paul Marik, a professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School, said it’s “completely outrageous” that the hospital in Norfolk where he serves as ICU director is telling physicians what they can prescribe and not prescribe, violating the doctor-patient relationship and the Hippocratic Oath.

“This is really unprecedented in the world,” he said in a podcast interview with Dr. Mobeen Syed. “The doctor at the bedside decides what’s best for his or her patient. He takes responsibility or the patient. He understands the patient. He individualizes the patient.”

Ultimately, he said, hospital administrators “who have limited or no experience with COVID, are telling an experienced clinician how to practice medicine.” MORE

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  1. I hope he succeeds.
    This business of banning effective treatments of anything is all part of the attempt to put government in charge of the entire medical industry. Hospitals and some doctors are going along for the money.

  2. Amen and amen.

    My medical decisions are between two people.
    1) Me.
    2) My doctor

    Here’s why;
    1) It’s MY body. Either I have agency to decide what I do or do not put in it or I don’t. If someone else can force me to poison myself, that person owns my body and I am no more than a slave.

    Let’s get that up front: you either own YOURSELF or you DON’T.

    All of this is then essentially Democrats saying they own YOU in the most fundamental way a slaver can own a slave – they own your BODY.

    Not a NEW concept for Democrats (cf. Antebellum chattel slavery), but we’re SUPPOSED to have ended that with blood and fire some time ago, yet here it is again…

    2) While I am considerably less enam

  3. (Continued, the cat biting video was about to crash my phone so I posted what I had)

    2) While I am considerably less enamored of what we call “Doctor” in a post-Obamacare world, he’s still the ONLY person who knows and has some responsibility for my PARTICULAR body. EVERY body has its quirks, its allergies, what diseases it is immune to because of the life lived and treatments given to a particular body,everyone used theirs differently, everyone has their own peculiar genetic makeup, and NO political “physician” who practices politics in Washington instead of medicine at my bedside is going to know MINE, what MY body’s been through, what MY bady can take, what MY body reacts badly to, better than the doctor who actually SEES me.

    Medicine USED to be about; palpate, ausculate, inspect, and percuss. With THOSE tools you can tell FAR more about a particular person’s health than just making general assumptions and shotgunning a broad spectrum “medicine” that may help MANY people, but may harm YOU.

    Only the doctor you actually SEE has a chance to KNOW that, and a DUTY to do the best he can with the information he has according to the standards of the time.

    Medicine is only medicine if its PERSONAL. I am NOT genereic human model 17288422-XGB.

    I am, shaped by the purpose for which God made me and Life formed me, an individual with my OWN name and my OWN history.

    I do not respond to every treatment the way YOU do, or everyone ELSE does.

    MY doctor KNOWS that.

    The bureaucrat kind in DC does NOT.

    I will choose my doctor, and in COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION with him, WE will choose my treatment.

    That does NOT include a poison jab.


  4. I can’t believe this has taken so long. The fact that this hasn’t been done yet has caused many of us to lose faith in the entire medical community.

  5. Ultimately, he said, hospital administrators “who have limited or no experience with COVID, are telling an experienced clinician how to practice medicine.”

    Wrong. The World Health Organization is dictating what covid protocols are in hospitals.

  6. joe6pak DECEMBER 6, 2021 AT 9:55 AM
    “I can’t believe this has taken so long. The fact that this hasn’t been done yet has caused many of us to lose faith in the entire medical community.”

    Agreed, but this is an outgrowth of medicine essentially being socialized between Medicare/Medicaid and Obamacare. Given that most of the older doctors who were secure enough in their knowledge and weath to have argued forcefully against it have retired rather than put up with the Government bullshit, and that the younger doctors and the institutions they work for get 90% of their income either from the Federal Government or only with the Federal Government’s permission, as well as the licensures that Government on all levels can use to control the behavior of EVERY SINGLE MEDICALLY INVOLVED PERSON, not to mention the courts that the Democrats have taken over, it’s little wonder that the modern, new, in many cases immigrant doctor does not have the knowledge, the spine, or both to stand up and actually SAY this, and to take the risk of losing any venue to use his years of training at PHENOMINAL expense and ANY career path forward, be it teaching, writing manuals, doing procedrues, even autopsies – EVERYTHING he could do with it becomes blackballed if TPTB decide he is no longer politically worthy.

    Of course the modern university has pounded away at ideas as Western as medicine from the Greeks to today, even mocking the Hippocratic Oath as a dated concept of dead White men that has no business in the modern world even as they cheerfully not only pretend men are women, women are men, and there are no racial differences in bodies but force all NEW doctors to toe that line as well, so against headwinds that forcefully try to blow away even VERY MEDICALLY FUNDAMENTAL concepts about what a “man” and a “woman” are, its little wonder that they have no stomach to fight a pitched battle with an enemey that owns ALL their resources and controls ALL their assistants over a jab that the courts will insulate him from the ill effects on his patients of anyway. Given that Muslim doctors and those from many parts of Asia do not have concepts of individual autonomy from the get-go anyway, this is a pretty easy sell to some, and whatever White Male doctors somehow managed to get the few slots not reserved for minorities and navagate the minefields of racial preferences that do not include THEM , from being demonized and told they are worthless and even evil at every turn in the “higher education” system, these men are likely too beaten down by the time they actually get their license to really make waves NOW, after all they’ve ALREADY been through, and that there is NO ONE who will support them becasue they probably think they should be replaced with a darker-complected doc anyway.

    So against all THAT, I’m NOT surprised it took THIS long.

    I’m surprised that it happened at ALL.

    It will go nowhere and be shot down by all levels of Democrat-owned government and villified in Democrat-owned media, but at least he’s TRYING to fight…

  7. I have often been told, to live a long life, stay away from doctors. Seems truer today than ever.
    As far as the gov’t saying what can and can’t go into your body, its been that way for years!

  8. oldvet50
    DECEMBER 6, 2021 AT 10:31 AM

    “As far as the gov’t saying what can and can’t go into your body, its been that way for years!”

    True. What CAN and CAN’T is regulated.

    But the Jab isn’t CAN or CAN’T.
    It’s MUST.
    Which is NEW territory, at least in the civilian world.

    And as far as CAN or CAN’T, if you REALLY wanted a treatment you could doctor-shop to the limits of your financial ability to find anything from a high power specialist to a faith healing shaman who could get you what you want, for a price, and it was HIS fault and YOURS if it went wrong, but NOW they won’t let your doctor prescribe a PROVEN, SAFE, EFFECTIVE medicine and even have pharmacies refusing to fill prescriptions for no reason other than Democrats want control of YOUR body so they can have totsl power over YOUR life, and this is a very recent phenomenon indeed, again if you don’t count the period prior to 1865, but that had slightly DIFFERENT mechanisms of enforcement…


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