COVID vax will not become mandatory in the Czech Republic

JUST IN – Vaccination against COVID will not become mandatory in the Czech Republic, Prime Minister Petr Fiala said today at a press conference.

“We do not want to deepen the rifts in society,” Fiala added.

The new Czech government is also suspending the planned Corona vaccination mandate for people over 60 and healthcare workers. It would have come into force from March.

6 Comments on COVID vax will not become mandatory in the Czech Republic

  1. That’s a shame when some Central European nation is freer than America.
    Every American should be ashamed.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Good for the Czecks, it seems that the Czecks don’t want to end up as canceled Czecks. I think that the Poles and the Czecks and other Eastern Europeans have far more common sense than we do in this country. Maybe it’s because of all the oppression that they have suffered from both the Germans and the Russians before and after World War 2 that they know the true nature of tyranny.

  3. American politicians have been deficient in history and caution and low educated voters, democrats, don’t seem to demand both. We had a good run.

  4. We were just talking about the Czech Republic and Poland last night. They are freer than we are right now.
    Two of the only countries in Eastern Europe who seem to be aware of their history. Determined to never go back to the Nazi style of governing.
    Too bad Austria forgot.


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