Covington Catholic diocese sticks to its calumny against its kids

American Thinker:

Nobody should be all that surprised that leftist mobs and their mainstream media allies perpetrated a false story about Covington Catholic schoolboys in MAGA hats supposedly “mocking” a Native American, followed by a Twitter feeding frenzy that’s going to get them a lawsuit.  As John Hinderaker notes, the blue checkmarks are now swiftly deleting and scrubbing their Twitter statements in a pathetic bid to avoid getting sued.

MAGA kids, of course, know what the left is like from other incidents and probably can deal that behavior on some level.

But what isn’t good is the embrace of the dishonest narrative from the kids’ own school and their own Catholic diocese, falsely condemning them in some amazing public calumny they have yet to retract.  It’s shocking, actually. more here

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  1. Since the whole thing has been shown as a contrived false event, perhaps someone should remind the Diocese hierarchy of the 9th Commandment.

    They may not have read far enough to know about it.

  2. Doesn’t surprise as in our county the Catholic nuns are awful leftists who protest with “Women’s March” groups in the name of social justice. AND I did not see them included in our county abortion protest/March for Life recently (that was held inside due to extreme cold) Not to mention that many of them look like dykes and have names like Sister John, etc. Is that traditional?

  3. Imagine CONDEMNING a kid for “perceived actions” shared by those who act according to the great deceiver, may God have mercy on their souls. The only repreive being verbal smoke screening to protect the innocent.

  4. There is NO doubt about it: the single, most important, most divisive issue in politics is (and has been for ages) Abortion. Maybe if Conservatives would start demanding that all unmarried women be forced to abort….Yeah, there’d be push back on THAT. For sure.

  5. Well, its the attitude of the Catholic church from the top down. Surprisingly I’m still in the Catholic church but I watch my kids like a hawk and have withdrawn from events that involve my kids in the church.

  6. As Anonymous noted, the mere perception of racism from the kids continues to be touted as the real, hate-filled thing (“I can see it in his eyes”). Meanwhile the recorded proof of racism from the ‘Black Israeli Hebrews’ and from the Indigenous People (“go back to Europe!”) is ignored.

  7. This betrayal is the most shameful part of the whole ordeal. Vocations Director must be looking for a new job now.

  8. Many of the leaders in the Catholic Church use the church as a vehicle to groom future homosexuals. Good Catholics need to get really active in demanding meaningful accountability for the perversion that has occurred and is still occurring.

  9. Catholic Church and Betrayal.
    A match made in heaven.
    Don’t trust those sleeve wearing money grubbers for a second. The Pope is sitting on a real hot seat right now.

    The Catholic Church is in big trouble behind the scenes. Their having to dip into their ‘Art’ monies. The collection plates aren’t bringing it home like it used to. They are in cahoots with the liberals. They need more sheep with money and it takes 10 times the numbers of immigrants to keep the plate full. You think the Catholic Church actually cares about America? How old is that Church? How old is America? How old are you?

  10. While he’s at it, sue the Black Hebrew Nation (or whatever they call themselves) for assault. And the Indian “elder”. And the DC police for dereliction of duty.

  11. @meyou:

    Abortion was the second most disruptive influence on human life – the rise of and claims to faggotry are and ever will be first.

    It is a destruction of the purpose and function of humanity to destroy marriage and the God given/designed love between men and women (BINARY GENDER) and then the attack on the fruit of their loins.

    The devil wanted to be able to create and claim life which only God can do.

  12. If you were what was to be considered a “good Catholic”, you would have been cast out already.

    The current hierarchy of their church depends on illegal aliens, child trafficking, gun control, borderless nations and all the government largesse they can get their grubby mitts on.

  13. …considering that Pius X never said anything about the slaughter of Jews to appease the actual Hitler, this is really just a continuation of a Catholic tradition of sacrificing the innocent to save itself…

  14. To all previous commenters.

    I’m a practicing Catholic, and have to agree with most of what you have stated. Just as with all religious institutions, there is corruption and evil intent by some individuals as well as good, holy intent by other individuals.

    Thank you for not attacking the Church itself. I appreciate that.

  15. PJ: I make the distinction because it is so obvious what has happened. The church, like our government, decided to overthrow the people in favor of ones from Central America that are easier to please.

    It was always Separation of Church and State until the churches, not just Catholic ones, started down the SJW path. Now, government is the conduit for Christian charity and Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden get to decide if you’re a Christian or not if you don’t support their radical notions on faith.

  16. I’d like to see people standing outside the church, school and school board in this diocese (the church before each service for a week and the school before class and before the next school board meeting) handing out a short Precis of what happened, who actually started it and why it and the reaction of the kids and of the press, celebrities, strangers and their own school and school board. In addition it should note that people are walking back their nasty comments and physical threats and lawsuits on behalf of the kids are likely to be launched. Get the parents to understand what happened and to challenge the school board and church officials over their miserable stance.

  17. Those “kids” need to be put in mandatory sensitivity classes and be made aware of their white privilege. In fact all white children should go to sensitivity classes.

  18. larry- “Those “kids…”

    send them here. This is a specially sanctioned, online sensitivity training course.
    I’m so glad you’re here and participating. Doesn’t everything seem just a little bit better There will be a drum circle at 4PM if we can get the damn thing away from the rogue ranger. (he whacked my fingers when I tried to grab it)

  19. The best way to fix your screwed up church is find somewhere else to go.
    They will only notice when people leave not when you try to fix them.

  20. This is so sad. There is more than one swamp to be drained. I hope, in the interim, this kid and his buddies don’t lose their faith.
    And, BTW, losing your religion is not the same as losing your faith. I have lost faith in the church infected with clericalism but I see these faithful and articulate kids as its future.

  21. The Catholic Church………if they’re not smuggling Nazi’s they’re condemning their own students.
    And what’s the excuse given by the molesting priests?..” he was acting provocative and he was only 9 but he acted older”

  22. Well, since the Bishop COULDN’T get in their pants…



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