Covington Closed Due To Death Threats

The rain of insults, calls for destruction and outright death threats has forced administrators of Covington Catholic High School to close today. Principal Bob Rowe stated that the decision was made after consulting with local “authorities” over concerns for the safety of the students, families and staff. More

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  1. This is all about white hate. The symbolism of a bunch of young athletic white Christian males in occupied DC wearing MAGA hats was to much for the leftards to handle.

  2. I wait for the day when all these asshats start turning their attention to all the white reporters and politicians, CEOs and all the big time ilk on the left and demanding for all of them to resign in the name of white privilege.

  3. The commie enemies of America WON!
    They will go boldly forward.
    This is just the beginning…

  4. I noticed the Covington Catholic Diocese jumped on the bandwagon, and threw the kids under the bus. Anyone on here living in that diocese needs to give them a call.

  5. The psychos in Hollywood who urged people toward violence against this kid: where are the threats against them?

  6. …the lefty “indian” group said they were gonna take it to the diocese office and not the school, which is in front of a beautiful Basilica, kind of a baby Notre Dame. Bets on it getting vandalized tonight?

    …they did put the school address out on Buttbook. I’m not on there but the better half is, and says they refuse to take it down, OR any of the racist comments or death threats.

    …that’s down the road a piece from me, but we’re gonna go to a restaurant in Latonia tonight on a route that takes us past the diocese, and it may be a late dinner if something’s up.

    …sad thing is, since there are wussy governments involved, while KY is an open AND ccw state, they have laws AGAINST bringing them to schools OR churches, meaning that only the Antifa types will be allowed weapons by the authorities. Crap like THAT is why none of them have won a Darwin Award.


    …interesting too, the “indian” group said they watched the ENTIRE video, and it does not “absolve” the kids of blame.

    Which begs the question,

    …I would love to post a pix of the Basilica, but these fuckers would just get ideas. Didn’t Quasimodo rain lead down on scumbags outside the REAL Notre Dame when they attempted to break in?

    …shame Covington doesn’t have a hunchback, is all I’m sayin’…

  7. The means of production for the leftwing outrage machine is in the hands of The People.

    To wit, those The People should face the liability from their faulty product that maims and almost kills people.

    Alyssa Milano can satisfy her debt in blowjobs as that is the unit of currency in Hollywood that she is accustomed to paying.

  8. The division between the left and the right has become too wide to hope for any reconciliation.

    This is just another example of it.

  9. It’s amazing they’re not hyperventilating over the street name yet, that in itself is blatantly RAYCISS…..

    1600 Dixie Highway. What were they thinking?

  10. It’s getting damn near out of control when this kind of smear can be manufactured in about a minute by someone who claims privileged status due to the accident of his birth.

    Just like Supreme Court nominees now kids becoming aware of standing up (at a pro life rally) for what they believe in becomes a potentially life wrecking/changing/destroying event — the Catholick die-pedophia authorities weren’t supportive — the boys hadn’t been abused enough I guess.

  11. Doctored tape. Covington with their indigenous bashing and black face has got to go. Bridges, not walls.

  12. Remember when 0bama’s children were “off limits?”

    Ya. Yours aren’t, America.

    Remember when Hogg released a faked video where he and others were “sheltering in place” and therefore Hogg must be listened to because he’s a “survivor?”

    Ya. But not the Covington kids, though. Don’t listen to them.

  13. @ Lawrence the Douchebag – can I call you Lawrence? Dipshit…

    And just where would you like them to go?? In a hole in the ground? OR burnt to the ground as suggested by your friends??

    EFF OFF!

  14. The diocese leadership is trying
    to “social justice” it’s own innocents for what the lefty scum
    has done to those upright kids.
    That bishop needs to have a few
    of the dads “discuss” his attitude
    with him.

  15. I live right next door to a brand new old Catholic school. The old school across the street next to St. Anthony’s Church was torn down and a new school was built just across the alley from me in what used to be a playground. It took a little over a year or so to build a new school and we watched the whole process from start to finish. It was all paid for by the diocese and some very generous grant money from some of the local businesses. The little kids who go there are very well behaved as they have to walk by my house to cross the street to go to Mass and etc. They are also currently building a new multipurpose bldg. and gym where the old school was and it should be done by this Summer. My kids went to the old school back for a while in the 90’s before we homeschooled them. St. Anthony’s also has a little Hispanic Priest who I’ve have met and is a good neighbor and is also a church for Vietnamese Christians as well in their Sunday afternoon services. I have no problems with them and they know me as a friend even though I’m not Catholic. The one thing we’re wondering about is are or will they build a new playground and a place for their annual Cowplop in June of every year for the past 25 years or so (a fundraiser we call bovine bingo), if the cow takes a dump on your square which you buy a ticket for $3 you can win up to $2000, I’ve won $50 once. They also have a street fair and a beer garden on the Rectory lawn to raise money for the school which is something Protestants would never do and generally we all have a good time. Including the year the cow died (from a bloated stomach) about 20 yrs. or so ago when the Mayor was here and I was part of the proceedings since my kids were going there but that’s another true but funny story in how we managed to get the dead cow out of there without too much fuss, they had to bring in another cow in order to finish the Cowplop that day. I love my Catholic neighbors.


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