Covington Kid’s $275 Million Lawsuit Against NBC Allowed To Proceed

Washington Times

A federal judge ruled Thursday that Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann’s $275 million lawsuit against NBCUniversal may proceed on limited grounds, as he had with similar cases against The Washington Post and CNN.

U.S. District Court Judge William Bertelsman dismissed parts of the lawsuit while allowing discovery on allegations that the network’s coverage defamed the teen by reporting that he “blocked” Native American elder Nathan Phillips in a Jan. 18 encounter at the Lincoln Memorial.

“[T]he court finds that the statements that plaintiff ‘blocked’ Phillips or did not allow him to retreat, if false, meet the test of being libelous per se under the definition quoted above,” said Judge Bertelsman in his order. More

I wonder if a person can invest in a lawsuit? I’d be willing to put $10 down for a share of this settlement.- Dr. Tar

5 Comments on Covington Kid’s $275 Million Lawsuit Against NBC Allowed To Proceed

  1. are the united states media outlets even owned by citizens anymore?

    this will never result in a monetary settlement for the young lad

  2. Even if Sandman wins, it will be years before he ever sees a dime. Appeals, and legal maneuvering are certain to follow. Even then, NBC will just refuse to pay, and Sandman will have to go back to court.

  3. Not that I’d ever invest in any fake news corps, but much like someone suing a local PD or govt agency, damages never comes out of the perps pocket. Investors or taxpayers always foots the bill.


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