Cowboys Running Back Calls The NFL ‘Ridiculous’ After Being Hit With Fine

“…he dropped a $21 donation into a giant red Salvation Army pot after to celebrate a touchdown.”

Well, there WAS a giant red bucket on that sideline, so…

14 Comments on Cowboys Running Back Calls The NFL ‘Ridiculous’ After Being Hit With Fine

  1. Lemme get this straight…it’s OK to have half the offense perform a scripted and choreographed production in the end zone after a touchdown, but dropping 21 bucks in a Salvation Army kettle is “excessive celebration” and “unsportsmanlike”?

    I get that this clown was mugging for the cameras, but last year he hopped INTO that kettle. You’d think the NFL woulda given him credit for toning it down…

  2. A nuther reason I have no use for the MFL. Professional sports is the toy store of life. It’s entertainment. It’s a show and I’d much rather see a demonstration like this than the crotch-grabbing, End-Zone humping, leg-lifting-dog-peeing, Voo Doo Dancing act on the part of some skeevy-haired savage that we usually see. Don’t put a donation pot on the sidelines if you don’t want them donating – Morons!!

  3. I was thinking ‘why $21?’ – he’s #21.

    I miss Emmitt Smith for the Cowboys – set the record for rushing touchdowns, and after each would just toss the ball to the ref like he belonged in the end zone. That’s class – and owning the end zone.

  4. Yeah, MJA…and I wonder if he was fined last year for climbing into that pot. Seems to me that article should have at least mentioned it. But I never heard anything about him being fined last year, and I’m betting he wasn’t. Which makes this year’s fine that much more ridiculous.

    And I agree with LCD about Emmitt Smith, or any other player that can score a touchdown and not act like a buffoon. At least TRY to act like you’ve been there before.

  5. He also dropped his QB in the kettle after a TD,both gave the Salvation Army 21,000.00 dollars after the game. And he said screw the 13,000.00 fine I don’t care.

  6. That kettle didn’t magically appear on the sidelines….it had to have had league approval, so why do they have their panties in a knot?


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