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Cracking Walnuts With A Live Grenade


3PN: A man is lucky to be alive after using a live grenade to crack open nuts for many years, according to police in China.

Ankang police said that the man, who was not identified, only realized that he was using a grenade to crack open walnuts after police distributed posters, warning residents about the dangers of keeping old grenades at home.

The man revealed that he received the grenade from his friend 25 years ago as a gift. The man used the gift to crack open walnuts as his friend did not tell him that the object was a grenade.  MORE

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11 Comments on Cracking Walnuts With A Live Grenade

  1. We called those “kraut potato mashers” on the battle lawns back in the day. Made them out of cans nailed on a piece of broom stick.

  2. He’s rucky he didn’t brow up his whore famiry.

  3. Sum Ting Wong!

    So there must be a lot of these old grenades unaccounted for out there in remote places if the Chinese govt is printing posters to warn
    the population about them.

    They need “common sense grenade control”!
    Calling Mayor Bloomberg!

  4. The Chinese R&D guys on the safety side of the grenade company are all high Stumping over this

  5. Those old types; made when Vietnam
    was hot, were usually filled with a picric acid bursting charge.
    They weren’t very powerful but I
    wouldn’t want to be holding one
    when it went off.

  6. For a split second after reading the headline, I briefly envisioned a man hastily lining up a bunch of walnuts alongside the thing before running in the other direction. Crude, yet effective!

  7. Oh that could have been a gooey mess. ID channel had a Joe Kenda story a few months back about a guy who was left a pile of bloody goo and a foot in his garage. He purchased a house that over the years had previously been owned by different soldiers living in Colo. He found the grenade in a box while cleaning out the garage, not realizing it was live he pulled the pin.

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