Cranky old lesbian really hates Trump and the My Pillow guy

DefConNews: When My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell announced his company would shift production to make masks during the coronavirus pandemic, liberals completely lost their minds because they hate helpful conservative Christians. Nobody however had a meltdown like ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach. Not only did the formerly-relevant rocker drop a million f-bombs on everyone from President Trump to the My Pillow guy, he…

[[ He??? That’s a he? ]]

seems to be under the impression that Lindell is donating pillows to coronavirus victims, which Bach doesn’t feel is needed. MORE

30 Comments on Cranky old lesbian really hates Trump and the My Pillow guy

  1. The last time this dick had an audience was years ago when he played himself in a few episodes of “Trailer Park Boys”.
    Once again this is just a story of a has been trying to get back into the sun for just a little while longer.

  2. This bitch needs to learn her place, she needs to shut up, go back into the kitchen and make a sandwich……

  3. Poster boy for why no one should pay attention to a celebrity, except when that expert talk about their own particular art form.

  4. I know Rowdy Roddy Piper’s been dead a few years, but he’s starting to look bad
    … that photo just doesn’t do him justice.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. “In addition to suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, Bach also is the first recorded case of My Pillow Guy Derangement Syndrome (MPGDS). He’s the Lou Gehrig of liberal sissy bitches.”


  6. “Pillow biter turns pillow hater.”
    He’s afraid their won’t be any fresh pillows to bite.

  7. The LGBLT crowd has no problem publicly soliciting hatred and boycotting Christian-owned businesses simply for being Christians. But I have never heard of a prominent Christian soliciting hatred and boycotting LGBLT-owned businesses. They call the Christians “haters” and yet they never see the hypocrisy. Jesus warned us: “They will hate you because of me”,

  8. MJA Ahh Sebastian Bach, he is still kneeling before his faggot masters begging forgiveness by vitrue signalling about Christian business men. Remember when he wore the shirt that said: AIDS Kills Fags Dead! Yup he still licking their ball sacks for forgiveness over that It almost destroyed what little career he had.

  9. Sebastian just aint been right since his glam rocker butt buddy jamie lane of warrant od’d.

  10. He’s no different than any other hollywood idiot wanting to get ‘good boy!’ messages for blurting out the left’s poison.

    It’d be a good time to reflect just how the left managed to get it’s claws so deep into our government, culture, media and educational systems.

    Many people in Austria did the same after they learned they were under Nazi rule.

    It was too late for them. But not for us.

  11. Who?

    Some foul-mouthed, has-been musician snot hates God, Trump, and the My Pillow Guy. This is my shocked face.


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