Crap Artist Photographed Stormy Daniels in 2002 as the Virgin Mary

Nika Nesgoda is one of these “artists” that believes the fast track to fame is to do something outrageous just to get your name… on blogs like iOTWreport.

She thought it would be peachy to photograph religious icons using porn stars as her models.

The photos suck more than the models. The quality is not unlike a Sears photo, complete with props borrowed from Housewares.

It’s a wonder how Nika Negoda isn’t a household name.


A makeup artist recommended her for the project and Nesgoda remembers him saying, “You’ve got to put this woman in one of your pictures — she’s magical on film.” When Stormy, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, arrived at the studio, she seemed quiet and studious — just taking it all in.



I had to go to the dictionary to see what “magical” could possibly mean.

And there it was, in the third definition.

I stand corrected.

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  1. The juxtaposition of concepts of the sacred and profane is so fresh and new.
    Take Christian iconography and debase it and call it art.
    How absolutely mind-blowingly original.
    Only about the nine billionth time its been done.
    I wish that it had not been done.
    If only because now there is a non-zero chance that this image might be one of the only images to survive an apocalypse and the ravages of time and come to represent our culture to future archeologists.

  2. And the funny part (one of many) is that there really isn’t any money being made. Sure, there are large piles that shift from one account to another. But that’s also the magic. It’s not new money. Not even lots of real people money. At least not until you count the $5 dollar bills at the skank joint Friday and Saturday nights. Fitting on every level.

  3. A good candidate, except she isn’t Blessed, definitely not a Virgin, and her name is not Mary. Apart from those major obstacles, she is an ideal prospect.

  4. I wonder what Dolan would say about this…?

    “I did not find the spirit of the evening to be offensive or blasphemous at all,” the cardinal told Crux of the event where a Victoria’s Secret model dressed as a sexy cardinal alongside dozens of other celebrities in sultry Catholic-themed outfits.

    “Was some of it edgy? Yes, but I never met any person that seemed to be snippy or snotty about the Church, or who intended anything to be offensive,” said Dolan.

  5. About 35 years ago the Met (a big tax supported “art” museum in NY has a sculpture as their premier exhibit. Made all our of shit. The title was “Shit Christ”. Ronnie said, when again making a budget request of $zero ($0) for the arts foundation saying something like “Taxpayers should not be forced to pay for this crap!”
    Of course the UNIPARTY ignored him and funded it !

  6. I do NOT care how artists get their models as long as it LEGAL…oops wait minus grave digging in Leonardo’s time.

    Classical artists right up to about 1900 revered things like the Holy Family then WWI happened. Ruined a lot one hundred years ago.

    Now with Modern Art, for the most part, it lacks detail, passion, reverence…and turned to HATE former reliable past institutions.

    JUST remember how and when it started. Works like P-ss Chr-st ’87 and then how cow manure (CRAP per your headline) was used to ‘fling’ at what some of us call the Blessed Mother done in ’96 sold for 2.3 mil. Read that again please.

    Magical? GO to:

    Washington Crossing the Delaware – the NY MET
    Spirit of ’76 in Marblehead – Abbott Hall

    PISSED, to use an effing word, YES I AM!

  7. If Stormy has been around THAT long, she’s getting a little long in the tooth. No wonder she’s pulling out all the stops in one final push at immorality immortality. Go for it, bitch, but watch your back.

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