Crazy Campus

WaEx: College campuses are becoming insane COVID-19 security dystopias.

The kids are not all right. On college campuses across the country, alarmist administrators are subjecting students to insane, dystopian COVID-19 restrictions — with no basis in science or care for the consequences.

The Ivy League is littered with examples, as Reason’s Robby Soave extensively documented in his reporting. Brown University just banned students from any gatherings of more than five people, indoor or outdoor, with masks required at almost all times and acts as innocuous as eating in the cafeteria now prohibited. Meanwhile, Yale University has told students to wear masks when other students visit their dorm rooms, Soave reported , and Harvard University has advised students to keep “close contacts to a minimum.” more

Masks vs. Respirators (What is ACTUALLY PPE) – Ep. 17

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  1. If the uni’s told students to commit hari-kari at noon in the Quad, they’d do it.
    But then the uni’s would lose too much money next semester.

  2. They want those federal dollars to keep rolling in. Big government dictates means that universities and big business must comply.

  3. I want to see some student wearing a military-grade protective mask on campus, and watch to see who freaks.

  4. And we’ve been watching the Product of the Educational system diminish slowly for years. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say
    We about to see a quantum leap in the drop in the value of a degree.

  5. Today, fear conquers all. The U admins are fearful of fearful parents who are fearful of sending their fearful kids to a U where masses of students are not vaxxed, a situation where their fearful kids might get exposed to the extremely fearful covid death disease.

    The result: the u loses students, tuition, and gov’t grants. Can’t have that…got huge administrator salaries to pay.

  6. But have sex with as many fellow students as possible without giving any thought to disease transmission. This is the modern academy today. Online education with merit at a tenth the cost is the alternative.

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