Crazy Commie Dr. Leana Wen Says You Will Not See Your Family If Unvaxxed

25 Comments on Crazy Commie Dr. Leana Wen Says You Will Not See Your Family If Unvaxxed

  1. Just like a school yard bully, the libs won’t stop until you break their nose, blacken both eyes and knock their phucking teeth out.

  2. Pointy, I’ll see your one finger and one trigger, and I’ll raise you a shotgun. Just point it in the air and fire two blasts.

  3. I’ll see your dropped trou and a big brown eye… and… wait…

    I don’t want to see that!

    But I’ll raise you a giant turd hitting the fan.

  4. * Except if you are unvaxxed and want to travel to an abortion clinic, you’ll get a free ride to murder your little family member who is also unvaxxed.

  5. We’ve gone full retard when only the people who can catch a virus and spread it much more effectively after a medical treatment are more free than those who can’t.

    The only reason it’s this way is because they made white conservatives the scapegoat. Anything to punish them. Even if it means turning their back on blacks who they only use around election time. Hang in there, we have 3 more years, we’re about to go double full retard.

  6. Congratulations Mr. Big, I believe this one added to the total of what seems to be a trend in reporting today has pushed me over from any hope of civility! I have deleted two before hitting “POST COMMENT” and will now enter into my ignorant, immature response reserved for times such as these…

    I must reserve the below comment for times like this and apologize to those who might be offended. Further, I mean no disrespect to whores. Ladies please READ NO FURTHER…

    You might also consider similar phraseology repeated for a number of the other threads where I deleted today. Reaching the end of my tolerance with vermin like this and hope they might all die slowly while tasting their own blood.

    In my best friendly customer service voice, “You cum belching whore, please get a lip lock on the snotty end of my cock and suck till my forehead caves in. Thank you for your attention to this matter.”

    Why do I feel no better at this point? Because what’s missing is the smell of burnt gun powder!

  7. Irony, I think Rubin is speaking for most of us, and since it was on CNN we can be assured that only a handful of F…JoeBiden voters saw it!

  8. This crazy Chicom bitch just said a week ago the vaccinated carry higher viral loads and she was therefore a threat to her unvaccinated kids. How if it was really a vaccine that prevented the disease and transmission. She sounds pretty desperate and angry – good luck threatening people like that. Just makes winning by staying healthy, happy and vax free that much better.

  9. @ LocoBlancoSaltine OCTOBER 7, 2021 AT 4:39 PM

    This evil bitch deserves identical posts!

    I would make one post shorter than the other, and form something like a ‘t’. Then add some spikes to the fun.

  10. WUHAN WEN, the typical street-corner Chinese Communist operative seeking to monetize and weaponize the bogus and suspect vaxx drug for the commies, self, and accomplices. C’mon and try keeping decent people from their families and she too will have her homely azz kicked in.

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