Crazy Old Woman Gets Upset Because Neighbors Shoveled the Snow Off Sidewalk in Front of Her house – IOTW Report

Crazy Old Woman Gets Upset Because Neighbors Shoveled the Snow Off Sidewalk in Front of Her house

Not understanding her logic at all.

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  1. A racist, democrap voting old woman

  2. Everybody calm down. The woman is non-threatening crazy…leave the sidewalk in front of her house alone. Everyone just stop recording and posting this.

  3. Possible dementia. It makes sense to her but not many others. We are not alone in having this experience in our family.

  4. I’ll bet a good steak that she’s a Biden voting, MSNBC watching, crazier than a shit house rat democRAT

  5. The proper course of action for these “good Samaritans” would have been to calmly walk away and stop antagonizing the clearly crazy woman. But no, they keep it up so they can post on social media to make fun of her.

    Elder abuse? Maybe. And if she works herself so that she has a stroke, oh boy, more likes.

  6. We used to enshrine property rights… her house her say.

  7. One of the few times I agree with Rich anymore. She’s nuts. Leave her the F alone. Try and be a good neighbor/human being. If you think she’s in trouble, call the authorities.I can’t help thinking these clowns knew what her reaction would be before they did it. It’s elderly abuse.

  8. It’s a public sidewalk.

    I clear the storm drains and the gutter half way down the street I live on to keep the water flowing and not backing up and ending up with a sheet of ice. The fellows clearing beyond their property is like keeping your walkway, driveway and porch cleaned off so that debris is not tracked into the house. Clearing beyond their property minimizes snow being tracked back onto the sidewalk fronting their home. There are towns and cities in Montana in which you are responsible for keeping the public sidewalk in front of your home clear.

    Pro tip: If you can get cooperation from neighbors, driving your pickup along the curb with the tire about an inch from the curb face will cut a channel and melting snow will flow to the storm drains and be conveyed off. We don’t get a lot of snow here where I live, but when we do my neighbors are grateful that we don’t end up with sheets of ice in front of our homes like the remainder of the neighborhood.

  9. My MIL, even when she appeared to be on her game, insisted her decades long, good friend and neighbor, was coming into her yard and planting weeds in her yard. Nobody believes that to be true, except for my my MIL doesn’t know who anyone is. We’re fortunate as hell that she’s always in a good mood. Others aren’t so lucky.

  10. joe6pak, my MIL was always a little bit special. “That’s NOT how you fold towels!”, or the old chestnut, “The ash goes in THIS side of the ashtray, and the butts go on THIS side!”

    I can’t deal with that sort of BS. I piss in my yard when I have to piss. Maybe I have even dropped a load in the yard. I won’t publicly admit to it, but it HAS happened.



  11. HAA!

    Just pointing out the shit that irks me. I loaned a new tech my spudger, my green non-replaceable spudger, to solder some telco terminals at the Watergate. The mofo MELTED my spudger. I was beside myself. I had that thing since 1996. Fucking melted by a fucking retard! ME for loaning tools!

    Anyway, I didn’t cuss him out. Later in the same day some shitbag spat some chaw down a power conduit onto the back of the asswipe’s neck. Then I had to hold him down from killing people. He went apeshit, but I felt better about my melted spudger.

    Later I went up a few floors and pissed into the power conduit and they got it back tenfold.

  12. Erik

    Dude I love your posts. Ya kill me. It’s almost like I know you. LOL

  13. Spit chaw down a conduit. I’ll show you a nasty mofo. Get a half gallon of hot piss, free of charge.

    I had to shake my fucking head like Loco.

    My man was a fuckup, but he’s telco.

  14. Cops should have ticketed her for obstructing public sidewalk.

  15. I can’t look at this title without hearing the Jimmy Buffett song in my head:
    “Woman Going Crazy on Caroline Street”

    Good tune.

  16. I’ll up you a Rory Gallagher, Loco…


  17. Eric, I’m thinking you probably saw him live.. He went through Mpls and Duluth a few times and was one of our favorites. He was never the headliner but he usually blew the lead band out. Freshly pressed flannel shirt, pressed jeans and jean jacket to start, and he proceeded to kick ass. He was great!

  18. I skipped thru the video, but caught near the end this quote, “I want to press charges”. You kidding? Leave the women alone.

  19. “They’d come faster if you tell them it’s two….”

    Good one!


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