‘Crazy sh!t’: Lindsey Graham slams Biden and Democrats calling for defunding police

Wa Examiner: Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham criticized former Vice President Joe Biden’s call to “transform” the country and reallocate resources away from police departments.

“Well, I tell you something right now. If you’re looking for a place to come where none of this crazy shit will happen, come to South Carolina,” the South Carolina Republican told Fox News’s Sean Hannity when asked about what happens if Biden wins the presidency. “We are not going to defund the police. We are not going to destroy capitalism. We’re going to let you work hard, and the harder you work, the better you do in South Carolina. But what I’m going to do is take the mob’s bill, the Squad’s bill — I’m going to introduce it and ask everybody in the Senate to vote on it.”

Graham continued: “When Joe Biden means ‘transform the country,’ what do you mean, Joe? Are you with them? If you’re not with them, tell me how you’re different. To every Democratic senator, what do you think about defunding the police? Are you are with the Squad? If you’re not, tell them why you’re not with them. We need to vote on this stuff, not just talk about it on cable TV. Let’s vote on their ideas and see where the Senate is.” more here

16 Comments on ‘Crazy sh!t’: Lindsey Graham slams Biden and Democrats calling for defunding police

  1. Fuck you Lindsay, you useless sack of lying shit. Always talking tough but never doing a goddamn thing.

  2. I think Lindsey is serious this time. Did you see the look on his face? You don’t mess with a guy that can give the evil eye like he did. Give him a hammer for each hand, he is going to rock their shit!

  3. Born in SC, lived there 50 years,it will be a cold day in hell before I step foot in that shit hole again.Oh & Lindsey, kiss my ass.

  4. Slap ’em all real good for me, miss Lindsey!

    Until you inevitably turn on me again- I’ll support your sassy self. 🙏

  5. It’s hard to win people over to our side when a lump of shit like Miss Lindsey keeps getting re-elected.
    They only need mention him and others just like him and the debate comes to a halt.

  6. Who the F-ck cares what Lindsey Graham says? What did Lindsey Graham do for Thirty F-cking years??? Thank you South Carolina!

  7. They sure weren’t saying “defund the police” when getting MRAP’s and other cool military equipment to use on civilians from uncle Sugar…


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