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Creamed Spinach

The Best Creamed Spinach I’ve Ever Made! | Chef Jean-Pierre.

Hello There Friends! In this video, I’ll be showing you how to make a delicious and comforting side dish of creamed spinach. This classic dish is made with tender cooked spinach leaves, combined with a rich and creamy sauce. The sauce is made from a simple combination of butter, flour, milk, and seasonings, and can be easily customized with your favorite ingredients. Whether you’re serving it as a side to a special dinner or as a filling for an omelette, creamed spinach is sure to be a hit at your table.

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  1. LOL! I saw this come up on my Youtube subscriptions and wondered if you’d post it.
    Very good!!
    Wouldn’t it be fun to go to a private dinner with a dozen or two friends and have him cook in front of us while explaining what he was making?

  2. I like spinach but not cooked. There’s just something that’s totally unappealing about cooked spinach. Creamed vegetables of any kind are totally disgusting. I will eat cooked or lightly steamed broccoli in stir fry dishes though.

  3. Thanks! I love spinach in any form – cooked, raw. Creamed spinach is a favorite along with sauteed wilted spinach and garlic.

  4. Eating veges raw is overrated. God gave man fire & I use it & say thank you. Raw, in a salad is ok, but by itself absolutely not.

  5. I expected to see Biden’s Press Secretary dishing up more tripe for the White House media to swallow. Creamed Spinach is a big improvement.

  6. My local supermarket has been out of canned spinach for a while now. Anyone else having problems finding canned spinach?

  7. @BQman – Indeed. Cooking spinach not only unleashes it’s flavor, it makes it easier to digest and its vitamins more available. Same with any vegetable. The cost is some of its enzymes break up. Now, fruit is better eaten raw with all of its enzymatic benefits.

  8. The only thing that triggers my gag reflex faster than cooked spinach is being courteous to a progressive collectivist.

  9. I watched too many Popeye cartoons growing up, and decided I didn’t want to be like Popeye. Only fresh spinach for me hidden in a tossed salad. I don’t recall my mother opening up a can of spinach….ever.

  10. Eesh!
    I don’t cook spinach, let alone cream it.
    It’s good raw in salads with nuts & vinaigrette-that is all.

  11. Steamed with butter and fresh lemon squeezed is great!
    a big box ends up being 2 small servings
    sm amt salt and pepper of course


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