Creator of the plastic lawn flamingo dies at 79

BOSTON (AP) — Don Featherstone was a classically trained painter, a talented sculptor and artist, who became famous for creating the pink plastic lawn flamingo — the ultimate symbol of American lawn kitsch.

plastic flamingo

And it didn’t bother him a bit.

Featherstone, who died Monday at 79, embraced the fame the invention brought him.

He died at an elder care facility in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, after a long battle with Lewy body dementia, his wife of 40 years, Nancy, told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

“He was the nicest guy in the world,” Nancy Featherstone said. “He didn’t have a selfish bone in his body. He was funny and had a wonderful sense of humor and he made me so happy for 40 years.” more

10 Comments on Creator of the plastic lawn flamingo dies at 79

  1. When I turned 60, my sister flew in from 2000 miles away to work with her daughters to “plant” dozens of pink flamingos on my front lawn before I woke up.
    May the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

  2. You know, this guy had something in common with the largest company in the world, Apple.

    Nothing either one of them sell does anyone need.

  3. He must’ve been a pretty fun guy to be with. Heck, he came up with the flamingo design. That settles it. 😉

  4. The grocery store I shop at still sells them. I could never bring myself to buy one though, how tacky can you get? I guess if I lived in a trailer park they’d fit in. However, whenever I see one in someone’s yard it does bring a smile to my face.

  5. We have guinea hens, rabbits, armadillos, and possums in our yard. Live ones. My wolf-dog chases them all off. But the possums he always ragdolls until they play dead. Then he drops them and marks them with urine, I guess so he can locate them later. It must be frustrating to go back out in the yard and find them gone after he had convinced himself that he killed the little bastard.
    I’m sure he would do the same to a plastic flamingo if we had one.

    Rest in peace flamingo guy.

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