Crenshaw Makes Fools of Three Lefties and Their Idiotic Rhetoric

Ht/ Larry O’Connor Radio

With 3 dopes piling on, Crenshaw points out how idiotic the Trump Derangement Syndrome rhetoric has been.


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  1. The United States is a Republic, thankfully, it is NOT a democracy! Even I, as a Canadian, know this. What is wrong with the American Media?

  2. I like Crenshaw’s style. Precise, analytical and unafraid.
    A keen mind disemboweling shallow thinkers. Artfully done.

  3. Back in 68, as an 11 year old, I had to put a robin out of it’s misery, it had been hit by a car and was stuck to the pavement but was still pathetically flapping its one good wing and blinking at this rather large crowd of elementary school kids staring at it. I told everyone we had to do it so I quickly stomped it to death. One of the spectators reported it, I assume to their mother who reported this crime to the school and I was marched down to the (female) principle’s office where I was lectured about Nazi cruelty and animal cruelty, topping it off with having to read an article about the Pueblo capture and the resulting torture our guys had to endure by the Norks.
    My first experience with knuckle headed left wing overreach and bs.

  4. My thought exactly @Big Momma. Crenshaw could have smacked them down reminding them we are a Representative Republic. And, Crenshaw, should know that(?). Still, I like Crenshaw’s style @PHenry.

  5. Whereas I very much like Crenshaw thus far, I live in NJ and remember all the Chris Christie hype?
    It’s good to cheer on a politician when he/she does well…But always stay an arm’s length away.

  6. @Meerkat – Amen. Remember when Rubio gave the rebuttal to SOTU and drank water, and we all loved him?
    I appreciate acts. When someone acts in a way I like I appreciate him or her. And when the same person acts in a way I disapprove of I don’t have any baggage in calling him or her out on it. I like Trump a lot, I have liked others a lot, but it has been an extremely rare politician, or person, with whom I have found 100% agreement.

  7. At the end he should have flipped up the eye patch and exposed his glass eye, embossed with the Marine logo in gold.

  8. Big Momma, ever since FDR, Democrats have made it a priority to use democracy instead of Republic. They want to erase history and, so far, it’s working on some people on the right. I get so tired of fighting on Twitter about it, some days I just let it slide. Now I feel bad, because if you don’t keep fighting, they win. I have several answers written out that will fit Twitter character limitations. I’ll go now to find some people I can chastise.

  9. @meerkat. Praise them when they do well. Criticize them when they stray. It’s how you keep politicians in line. It’s an American tradition and it was the way the founders of the republic designed it.

  10. I agree. Let’s hope he keeps this up and doesn’t become a reach across the aisler who forgets which aisle he was elected to. [Marco]
    Then maybe some day we will have president eye-patch. 😉

  11. I don’t get why conservatives go on these leftist shows. IMO Crenshaw should not have gone on SNL or FTN. You can’t reason with liberal bastards. He even, just to be polite, more-or-less agreed with them that Trump has a problem with communicating with the media. Well, I don’t GAS about that. I don’t care if Trump has no more press conferences at all. He communicates with us through Twitter and as long as Twitter doesn’t cut him off, that is OK by me.


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