Crews pull 25 bags of mail out of sewer in Northeast D.C.

In miserable weather on Tuesday morning, DC Water crews pulled piles of soggy, stinky mail out of the catch basin and sewer system at Anacostia Ave. and Douglas St. in Northeast, Washington.

Residents suspect the mail was dumped there by a U.S Postal Service employee while the regular mailman was off work last week.

The case has been referred to the USPS Inspector General, responsible for investigating employee misconduct.

The problem was first discovered by Vincent Wright. Trying to help his neighbor clear a clogged drain, he discovered mail in the pipe, and then found the apparent source in the sewer.  more here

16 Comments on Crews pull 25 bags of mail out of sewer in Northeast D.C.

  1. That’s DEANWOOD.
    I’m disappointed.

    I would have expected this from FAR SouthWest D:C..

    Stuff is SNOWBALLING, folks.
    Lock and load.

  2. makes you feel real bad for them when you know they have to FULLY FUND their own pensions, doesn’t it?

  3. Hardly a new problem, as a sixth grader in 1953, I found several large boxes of mail in a gully behind our school. They contained mostly catalogs but some first class mail.

  4. no wonder my senator hasn’t responded to my letter. i thought it be that i called him a worthless POS

  5. Why couldn’t they have delivered the mail and thrown the tranny from the Giant supermarket on Avenue H in the sewer?

  6. “I could spit on that mail and toss it in the sewer and they couldn’t fire me…” – Cliff Claven

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